Mr. President, why would the Governor of Pennsylvania and AG say that when the “after 11/3 mail-in ballots” are counted, Biden will definitely win? What do they know that we do not?

Don’t you know, that as the President it’s your responsibility to ensure that all the ballots counted are legit and legal and not counterfeit? Let me ask you this…would George Soros, who owns vote counting manufacturing businesses, counterfeit ballots and provide them to Democrat workers who are as honest as Donna Brazil to be filled in and delivered for counting?

It’s the FBI‘s responsibility to investigate voter fraud. Direct AG Barr to prepare a generic search warrants for all those polling centers, in all those States that are in play, that are counting mail in votes. The purpose to confiscate/take custody of all mailed in votes to protect the evidence and for forensic examination to determine authenticity, legality, and whether or not there is voter fraud. Order FBI Wray to immediately send Agents to all those State vote counting locations to protect those ballot after they are counted!

Do you not believe that these people are capable of destroying ballots, accidentally, after counting?

If Hillary could order 33,000 emails, that were under subpoena, to be destroyed…don’t you think they would destroy ballots? Remember she told Biden never to throw in the towel after 11/3! Wait until all votes are counted…wait for all the Soros votes are counted, my words.

Look at it this way…what the hell do you have to lose… if they declare Biden the “mail in” elected President? If you don’t have those ballots…you have nothing!