The First Debate…?

Mr. President…let’s talk.

Okay we understand what you were trying to accomplish by interrupting, and it worked…a little…he got angry and started calling you names.

When you saw it wasn’t really effective, you should have stopped. What am I referring to? It’s the “confuse, disrupt and conquer” technique we sometimes use against our enemy.

Biden was confused with some of your questions, but when he couldn’t/wouldn’t answer, you interrupted his fumbling around and bailed him out!

You knew Chris Wallace would not pursue Biden’s failure to answer certain questions, but you should let him hang there with no answer instead of repeating, “Why not Joe, How come Joe, answer the question Joe”, then Wallace diverted his attention to you…letting Biden off the hook.

I believe you should have asked Wallace why he didn’t ask Biden about his first response… when you closed the Borders…was his OPEN BORDERS idea! …Biden turned out to be exactly wrong. So let Wallace ask him to explain what his basis was to keep the Borders open…letting more infected Chinese into the US, instead of less.

What would have been the result?

You had Biden on the ropes and kept letting him off by your interruptions. And to be honest…it was not Presidential.

Although your positions were winners and Biden’s non-positions were losers…you could have knocked him out of the ring by just not interrupting him…he could not answer any of Wallace’s questions with intelligent answers … he was fumbling and you came to his rescue with interruptions!?

When he refused to answer the “loading up the Supreme Court question” …again you interrupted and Wallace would have had to pursue the answer…but instead he went after you for interrupting…Mr. President, c’mon man…you’re smarter than that!

Don’t make faces when Biden is spewing his talking points BS…smile, and when he’s finished…cut his throat…figuratively, of course!

How about this, “Joe, I’ll give you my taxes when you give me your testimony on the money you and Hunter received from Russia, China, and the Ukraine”… did you declare your “winnings”?

When Biden said that Antifa is just an idea, your comment should have been directed to Wallace saying, “I’ll let you handle that one Chris…ideas don’t burn and loot cities”.

Mr. President…no faces, no comments …send Biden’s unanswered questions to the “Commentator” even if they’re all in the tank for Biden.

One question I would have asked Joe is, “Did Donna Brazil give you any of the questions”!