Does Texas Doctor Have Cure For Covid-19?

Does Texas Doctor Have Cure For Covid-19? – And Will the Left Try to Block It Until After the Election?

I Do Believe…that Dr. Richard Bartlett of Houston Texas, Does Have a Cure For Covid-19!

How Many Times Does the Medical “Profession” Have to Be Hit over The Head…To Wake Up?!!

Dr. Richard Bartlett is a practicing Doctor, MD, surgeon, who has treated …now listen carefully… Hundreds of patients with confirmed COVID-19 and cured them… ALL!

Not a “few”, nor 10 or a 100, but hundreds… and he cured ALL that he treated!  How do I know? Because he said so, and I believe him?

There are some people who are truth-tellers and in my opinion… he is a truth-teller. He’s been practicing medicine for 3 decades. He has no reason to lie…like so many do.

I read his “paper,” but don’t understand much of the medical terms but when a legit person who has little to gain and everything to lose…his entire reputation and practice… by making a profound statement, that affects the lives of millions… you need to listen!

Those non-believing morons need to stick their pride in their … back pocket, and listen instead of jumping to the conclusion, “He did not.”

That is what these Medical professionals, who didn’t think to try what he tried, are doing. Those 15-year college graduates apparently didn’t learn a thing in 15 years of college and higher education and the “practice” of medicine!

The man says “he’… him, personally, treated hundreds of patients in various stages of COVID-19 and he cured 100% with the same type of treatment as they treat asthma patients except he used a common medicine (steroid) called Budesonide with a nebulizer.

It cured them in a few days… they tested negative after a few days of treatment, at a cost of $200 and they all lived!

So, let’s assume he told the truth and he cured those patents as he said …what does that mean?

To me…a lowly Federal Investigator for 3 decades with an education in Engineering (Math, Science, Chemistry and such), I think we would drop whatever the Fuck we’re doing and immediately take the sickest people (ventilator elderly) and see if we can save these hopeless cases who have no other hope or way to go. I believe we should put any other studies on hold, that seem to have good results and pour all our resources into Dr. Bartlett’s protocol that so far, works 100%.

In mathematical terms, that’s a little better than … pretty good. Are there any other protocols that have cured hundreds of COVID-19 patients and have a 100% success rate? If you, Mr. CDC, have one… where the hell is it?

Are we NUTS or what?

Instead of praising this guy’s success in saving lives…100%… these CDC assholes will take a look at it in October, set up a study for 6 months and …get back to us!

Listen Mr. CDC, that is NOT good enough!

I say “bend” your fucking protocol, pull your heads out of your asses, so at least your ears pop free and do away with Bureaucratic Regulations and do it NOW!

How many people will die by the time you get all the approvals, all the regulations, set up studies, read up on your protocols, see if there are any favored medicines (Big Pharma) that are close to being successful, that you and you colleagues have invested money in?

When a man says he has the cure, who is well respected… quit putting him down challenging whether he followed protocols… he did… he saved lives…that’s a pretty goddamn good protocol!

That’s the only protocol that matters. Whether he did it in a study, at a college, in a hospital, or on a battlefield make no difference… 100% is 100% … come back to reality!

Mr. President, his name is Dr. Richard Bartlett, Midland-Odessa Texas area. His cure is Budesonide with a nebulizer and oh yes…you are correct, according to him, Hydroxychloroquine does work too… his words, not mine!

Direct the CDC to do an emergency study of the sickest who seemingly have no hope as well as those in early stages … if I had COVID-19, I would volunteer to be treated and so will millions of Americans… we have hope!

You said we are at war with COVID-19… so call a strike against it, now…not in October or 6 months…now!