Okay…I have put together a few more facts, and as an investigator without the benefits of direct interviews or direct knowledge from any films, forensics or anything else…I am putting forth what MAY have happened…just based on the limited facts we know…

Just like the MSM never reported that the 18 year old Michael Brown was  6’4″, 300 lbs,  George Floyd was 6’ 6″, very muscular, and I’ll guess 265/270 lbs, but “unreported” by MSM…in short very strong, and as a bouncer, probably very tough. That seems reasonable to believe. Also, 99.9% of police officers could not possibly control a male that size, that strong, that tough, one on one without hurting him, by escalating force.

It’s different from beating someone in a fight on the street, where anything goes and doing what law enforcement does, and that is arrest/control with only the minimum force that is necessary…big damn difference.

Try “controlling” an out of control, 6 ft 200 lb 16 year old male…any race…by yourself…without hurting him, remember I’m saying “control” him and not beat him to death! I’d love to see that…especially by the guy who wants to put his knee on my neck…good luck with that tough guy!

Why did the first officer draw his gun upon approach? I wondered what the threat was… until I learned of Floyd’s 6’6” size, his muscular condition was obvious. It is what I would have done just based on the following known info…very “drunk”, very big, good apparent physical condition, without seeing any weapon, the officer needed to immediately reduce what he should have recognized as a real threat to his person…Floyd’s size alone and nothing else was a threat!

It apparently worked as Floyd must have responded well…most do …to a gun!

The sight of the gun more often than not, stops the need to use the gun!

The officer holstered his weapon and Floyd gave slight resistance to getting out and submitting to hand cuff…he may have been telling the police FU, I didn’t do anything, leave me alone, I’m not going any place…we DO NOT KNOW, do we?!

You’ll note how quickly a second officer came around Floyd’s car to help restrain Floyd… very quickly. There’s a reason…the second officer also had to recognize Floyd’s size alone, as a threat…why? …size means strength? We’ll find out, but if the occupant had been a “Skippy” or female, they would have unlikely been viewed as an eminent threat and only one officer needed to extricate him from vehicle.

They should have been taught to cuff a “threat subject” before search…do not put a threat subject up against anything to search… prone him out to the ground and cuff him FIRST! They didn’t have to prone him out, at first because, as I think…Floyd was sort of cooperating.

Then something scared the hell out of Floyd, in my opinion. There are many possibilities so we’ll not assume, we’ll just throw in the facts…from the sitting position, in cuffs, to the police car.

Floyd is apparently impaired, unknown to the police, he has cardiovascular health issues, he says, without any hands on him other than to help get him up and go towards police car, “I can’t breathe” and faints.

He continues to say ,”I can’t breathe” and goes into a panic and …we can’t see inside the police car… but police quickly react to a resistance, struggle, or “something” and rush to both sides of the car and extract Floyd from the car. Why…what happened…we have no idea…but something happened.

A good possibility is Floyd, without any police hands on him… went into full blown panic mode… because he was having a medical event, realized he was in trouble medically, because he could not breathe…the police probably didn’t know his medical condition,  and reacted to an extremely large, strong man resisting arrest…real reason, unknown to them.

He was resisting arrest but only Mr. Floyd knew the reason why and that is a shame, but was it criminal? Maybe the Grand Jury will determine what happened.

So if that happens to be true, there may be no “criminal intent” by the officers.

If the Police misread the reason for the resistance…whose fault was that?

If there is no criminal intent, there is no “crime”.

That does not, by any sense of the imagination, mean the officers didn’t make mistakes, as we Monday morning quarterback the incident. But were those errors criminal?

They could have taken the chance Floyd was telling the truth about “I can’t breathe” and let him up…understand. I like MANY other arresting officers have heard “I can’t breathe”, “Help, I’m having chest pains…I think I’m having a heart attack”…in my experience, those statements all turned out to be just as false as “I’m innocent, I didn’t do it”.

So there you have it. Too many unknowns but …“I’ve never been to the Sun, and do know it’s hot”.

Too bad it’s not a perfect world…and police could read minds…it would have prevented many instances where we, Agents from my Squads in NYC, on big time surveillances, were extracted from our cars at gun point, by the police. Fortunately, most of us were not the victims of misidentity like those lawmen who were shot by friendly fire. I knew one NYPD, good cop, who was shot and killed by friendly fire and one Agent, Don West, on my squad who was hit…and many others who came close. Stuff happens…so avoid stuff!

You be the judge…oh, I forgot, some of you don’t need all the facts…you already have an opinion!


  1. Agent DiLaura,
    I think you are right about the uncertainties involved. Mistakes were made. The primary mistake was not putting Floyds body in a neutral position on his side to guard the airway after establishing control. I don’t mean for the officers stand up or stand Floyd up. For everyones safety the man needed to be kept down. I’m sensitive to the airway issue as a retired RN. My guess is you have been taught and taught about this positioning. Is this the “fatal flaw”? Again, the uncertainty keeps me from that kind of conclusion. I do know that the onus of blame could be more clear if this positioning had been utilized. I hope this makes sense.

  2. Well shoot. Social media continues to baffle me. I don’t know who wrote this, but that is what I think.

    1. I AM currently a FBI agent. Had to peruse this man’s threat for curiosity’s sake.

      Well, talk about a ‘non-biased’ author-It is hilarious how much of a hypocrit this Dinasaur of an agent is. He is doing PRECISELY what he accuses the Mainstream news of doing…

      We would all be better off if he kept his stupid beliefs to himself.

      1. This is to the nameless (Officer Frank), brave soul, who wrote this comment…

        “I AM currently a FBI agent. Had to peruse this man’s threat for curiosity’s sake. Well, talk about a ‘non-biased’ author-It is hilarious how much of a hypocrit this Dinasaur of an agent is. He is doing PRECISELY what he accuses the Mainstream news of doing… We would all be better off if he kept his stupid beliefs to himself”

        First off – you misspelled, “thread”, “hypocrite” and “dinosaur”…

        So my readers understand the significant difference between a “Comey era FBI Agent” and a real FBI Agent, dinosaur (I was a Tyrannosaurs Rex by the way) allow me to ask you a few questions that I know will go unanswered…but are very telling…also, please note I put my name and photo on everything I write…why don’t you?

        You see, I believe you have no standing, nor any experience that would qualify you to criticize, degrade, or otherwise even comment on something you know absolutely nothing about…I’ll prove it to my readers…

        Did you work under James Comey, Andy McCabe and/or Peter Strzok? (By the way all three will soon be indicted.) Do you carry a real, loaded gun? Did you ever testify in a trial as a witness to any violent crimes that you and your squad witnessed through extensive surveillance, and investigation that led you and your squad to the scene of the armed, criminal actions? The types of cases I am referring to would be: armed hijacking of a load of goods and the armed kidnap of the driver; armed bank robbery; robbery with a real bomb that was detonated on site; the rescue of any kidnapped victims…no? I didn’t think so. Are you an “Intel Gatherer”? Did you ever make an arrest? If so …did you ever have to fight to gain control of the bad guy and come very close to losing? I didn’t think so…it gives you a different outlook!

        Not bragging, but just a few facts…in my rookie year, first office, my partner and I, on our own at 3.00 am, were fortunate enough to rescue a 5 year old little girl, Tondaleya Jones, a kidnap victim from NYC; we caught a bank robber with all the loot and shotgun an hour after the robbery; and I solved an Armed Robbery from a deli in NY (I was in SC), where an NYPD Officer was shot and killed, and we arrested the IO Fugitive who committed the crimes …all as a rookie, in my first office! I was rewarded for my deeds, by Director Hoover, by being placed on the #1 Squad in NY (2nd Office), instead of the Applicant Squad, like all other rookie Agents do, for 30 days “orientation”. And my career went up from there. I had 57 arrests in one lucky year…I’ll bet that’s more than your entire squad had in the last 5 years!

        How about any plane skyjackings? …Oh, that’s right, only us dinosaurs did them. We actually brought them to a halt…I worked 5 while in the NYO, we resolved all 5, 3 by gunfire, unfortunately, with deadly force. I carried two handguns and a shotgun…all the time, as did most all the Agents I worked with.

        Ever see Dog Day Afternoon? That was my squad as well. You see…skippy…things have changed from when we were dinosaurs, kicking ass and taking names and getting shot at (3-4 times for myself). All the Agents on my squad were involved in shootings; 6 had to use deadly force, and one of my buddies on the Squad was shot. We worked dangerous criminal cases and gained valuable experience in doing so and when someone from that era speaks…you really should listen because he is probably speaking from experience…a lot of experience. Your new generation presents people like Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Baker…all disgraced by their lack of experience, lack of loyalty, lack of common sense, and worst of all, failure to honor their oaths of office.

        Long before I heard any Agent names, and just from my criminal experience, I knew whoever was running the Clinton cases, was either inept, inexperienced, or corrupt, because criminal cases are never handled that way.

        On what’s going on in our country……. if these left wing, activist Democrap leaders did their jobs, and allowed their Police to do their jobs …things would not get out of hand so that the Police are found Guilty by decree of the Press instead of a due process trial…that’s all I am saying. If Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and people like you honored your code, and read your FBI Agent Handbook of Rules and Regs, assuming you have one, this country would not have fallen into the toilet in the first place. When this President wins again, and he will, and gets a House and Senate of Republican Majority, he will flush the toilet once and for all, and rid the DOJ of Obama/Holder, hold-er oners…so watch out for yourself Skippy…you could be on that list!

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