When the World and US Statistics on corona virus “confirmed cases”, are compared to “recoveries” and “deaths”…the China Statistics are mathematically NOT possible, unless…they have both a cure and vaccination OR are providing false information!

The virus originated in Wuhan, China which is 839 km from Shanghai and 1,152 km to Beijing and 15,000 km from both Milan and NY. However, there are few confirmed cases and fewer deaths in both Beijing and Shanghai, both vital cities to China’s economy. Europe, America and the rest of the world economically, as well as corona virus wise, are being clobbered. China remain safe on both counts…how?

India is closed, but China is open and as of April 8th…Wuhan is open!?

The US, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, and most of the world are closed…but Wuhan, Beijing, and Shanghai are OPEN?!

Beijing and Shanghai are corona free and business as usual…how could the rest of the world be contaminated, and the culprit, China, be either Virus free or under control? The ONLY way is they have a cure and a vaccine!

Looking at the numbers…comparing China to the United States and to the rest of the World, the numbers don’t match:

China: 81,907 confirmed cases while the US has 488,045 and the World has 1,631,310. But when we compare recoveries, the World and the US have an 8% recovery rate…China…is 95% !  (US 27,408 and World 365,722…China 3,336)! Compare the confirmed cases to deaths and the World and the US are at 8%…China half that at 4%…that is NOT possible…that’s common sense.

That’s not mathematically possible unless China is lying or withholding the cure!!!

China’s economic backbone is Shanghai…that’s where the wealthy live and their major industry exists. Beijing is where their leaders live. Coincidentally, there was no shut down in either… no corona virus…why?

I’ve written before that I was of the opinion that China was working on a Bio weapon near Wuhan and had an accidental release but…that is just NOT possible with the way things are turning out. China has control over the contamination…without any doubt …or Shanghai and Beijing would have been as hard hit as the REST of the freaking world!

April 9th…China new cases…42?! Really? Monday was the 5th day according to China, with no new cases…that’s not possible without a lie or a cure. Which is it?

If China did, as MOST Americans believe …intentionally caused this attack on the World and the US, we need to retaliate …but not with guns and bullets…do it by brain power and US dollars. Keep them! Keep the money we owe China, confiscate property purchased in the US by Chinese citizens under false pretenses…claiming to be US citizens and private investors when in fact they are buying or bought for the Chinese government.

Use force by strong economic actions, to stop any and all sales of ANY US built military equipment to China (bring the manufacturing home first…dah). GE and other US businesses, that ran to China during Hussein Obama’s Rule as the Ayatollah of America, either come back or all business with GE will terminate in the US by TARIFFS!

Prevent them from selling their goods here while GE either builds new here or we finance our own “New GE” here! For all GM plants…come back from China or else! The President of GM around 2012, while in China and sucking up to Chinese bankers, businessmen, and Obama, said that 75% of all GM cars are built in China!

That is nothing to brag about unless you’re a Chinese Communist!