Well…I’m not quite as smart as I thought…close…but not quite! I did a little research and found that Nation-States are immune from the type of law suits I thought up…criminal negligence!

A well written article in Bloomberg Opinion on March 24, 2020 by Steven L Carter explains it with this single quote… “Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, known as FSIA, passed in 1976, a statute intended (in the words of one federal court) to protect foreign sovereigns from the burdens of litigation, including the cost and aggravation of discovery.”

Many have tried to sue China and have failed because of the sovereignty that all the courts including ours, have agreed exists.

So …I have another brilliant idea; if “immunity from litigation” applies to China and the world, then it applies to the US! So let’s find a manner to “repay” China, the debt we have with China, that would be fraudulent but “immune from litigation” or… if failure to re-pay a debt would be covered by the FSIA immunity law, just stop paying!

China has clearly demonstrated itself to be at the top of the WORLD’S LIST OF MOST DESPICABLE NATIONS! That would include the MOST…deceitful, dishonest, unethical, corrupt, untrustworthy, ungrateful, inept and most arrogant countries the world has ever seen!

What makes them worse than the Roman Empire, the Turkish Huns, ISIS, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Raiding Vikings and the many plundering countries of ancient times, is that they can plunder and kill, silently, without their victims even knowing that their entire country has been plundered and raped, by cyber-attacks that kill their ability to produce power or defend themselves!

We owe China NOTHING…we have had it with China! We got along quite well without doing any business with China in any way for decades. We didn’t even have diplomatic contact with them EVER…until Nixon had to open the door to them.  I have always believed that Nixon made a major mistake doing what he did!

Our relationship with China has been and will always be a “take and take”, rather than a “give and take” relationship…and that will NEVER change. How have we benefited from making China a world power?

I liken the relationship, between China and America, to two ships; one a “junk” and the other a sleek liner. The sleek liner, America, drilled holes in her hull…a perfectly good ship, so China could sell us drills… because they couldn’t make toilet paper without our help…we even built the factories! When their drill factories were up and running, we borrowed money from “them” to buy more drills to puncture more holes so they could sell us bilge pumps and then  helped them built the bilge pump factories. When we had too many holes to stop from sinking…China threatened to stop selling us Bilge pumps …but not drills.

Enough is enough! Our steel companies and other manufacturing jobs that we gave China…must come back to the US! Those manufacturing facilities that are vital to our survival…like ammunition, drugs, power transformers, that are so vital to our power grid and we can’t build…MUST be brought back by force, if necessary.

How…? Build those factories that we know to be vital… here, with interest paying, repayable loans from the government to the companies. Build the plants, with US citizens and US materials, ONLY! Then ban the import of those items from China, like steel, drugs, ammunition, gradually!

We need China’s help like we need another infectious disease! China makes the phrase, “WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES?”, require capital lettering!

Although a Republican President Nixon, started our mistake with China…Democrat/Socialist Obama tried to drive the finishing stakes in America’s heart! Fortunately, we now have a President who is a Patriot, has a “magic wand”, like Obama said was required, and not a greedy politician.

Face it! How many Presidents came into the White House to make their pockets “great again”… instead of America’s?

Looking at the last six Presidents…I don’t have to mention net worth …only NAMES or just political affiliation…see if you notice a trend, as I have…

(R) Ronald Reagan, (R) George Bush 1, (D) Bill Clinton, (R) George Bush 2, (D/Soc) Hussein Obama, (R) Donald Trump…notice anything significant? Who do you think put America first and their own wealth 2nd or 3rd…last?

America smarten up…we NEED to keep this President and give him a Republican Senate with a super majority, a House with a super majority, and a Speaker of the House who has an IQ higher than fish!

Imagine what this President could do without having to dodge bullets from Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and the rest of the despicables, and put all of his efforts into protecting JUST you, me, and America… instead of having to protect himself at every turn from selfish, greedy self-indulgent politicians!

Allow him the time to do his job and see what he can do!