Mr. President, you must direct the AG to indict those who are the most egregious violators of Federal Law!

You promised to “clean the swamp”, well…start with the swamp master, Hillary. Why has she not been indicted? She clearly violated her oath of office, all our security laws, the Espionage Statutes, her NDA, and the usual Hobbs Act –Political Corruption Statutes? We don’t need any testimony from any of her staff to prove the cases…her actions alone provide all the direct evidence we need to convict on multiple Felony charges. So if some prosecutor is claiming, “We can’t, because someone gave her staff immunity”…so what? We don’t need any testimony from her staff to convict. Read the State Department secret emails sent to her and by her that are SAP or taken from SAP…I have… they’re on line! Read her testimony to the “FBI” by, you guessed it (OMG), Strzok. She lied to the FBI on several fronts. She claimed she was not given training on the handling of classified documents! That contradicts her NDA. The most outrageous are the Espionage and Secrecy Laws she violated. She MUST NOT get away with that!

James Comey…he lied just about every time he opened his mouth. Even an incompetent lawyer like Schiff or Swalwell could indict him on multiple counts for lying and leaking and lying about leaking…well…probably not Swalwell!

He violated the Federal Rules by allowing McCabe to withhold evidence found on the Weiner’s computer. That’s Obstruction of Justice in a prosecutorial, ongoing, criminal, FBI investigation, altering evidence and violating the Best Evidence Rules of DOJ. Give McCabe “Use Immunity” on just that issue, and if he refuses to testify, the Judge will sentence him for disobeying a court order for the duration of the Grand Jury!

Comey said under oath and before a Congressional Hearing that he never gave McCabe or Strzok or anyone else permission/directions to leak anything that was leaked.  They both said, again, under oath and before that same Hearing, he did! Indict Comey on McCabe and Strzok’s testimony!

Indict Biden.  There are no excuses…none… to not indict that moron! He confessed on National Television that he violated Extortion and Obstruction laws. All we need is confirmation from Poroshenko and Viktor Shokin. If the AG says he doesn’t believe there’s enough Probable Cause (PC) or “precedent” or other nonsense, advise him that according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, it’s not his call, it’s the Grand Jury first, then a Federal Judge and Jury. The AG is not in that line of responsibility! It’s his job to prosecute and let Lady Justice decide.

If you don’t… I’m afraid of what will happen. In my humble opinion, based upon my almost 3 decades of enforcing the laws of the United States, the FIRST INDICTMENT will toll/nullify ALL the House nonsense about Impeachment! How can they Impeach when the Article 2 duty you were trying to exercise is proven to be true and accurate.  Biden did break the law and must be brought to trial with his son!?

Then…stay on the attack… go after the members of Congress who are intentionally interfering with your Article 2, Constitutional duties! Just do it and tie them up in court, at their expense, and let Lady Justice decide if Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Swalwell are obstructing the Presidency and the President, without due cause!

That’s a NO Brainer! Oh yes…ban all Democrat members of the House and Senate from all White House briefings…they cannot be trusted!


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