They ALL took an oath to protect, defend, preserve the Constitution of the United States…are they?

Ilhan Omar:

Let’s start with the Somali Muslim and the oath she took to become a US citizen, Ilahn Omar. She “escaped” from her homeland, Somalia…probably because there is a need for just a little improvement in the quality of life there…just a little! She came to the US…not Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or Iraq or Pakistan…all Muslim nations. She ran to a CHRISTIAN nation, that she hates… America. Now she wants to make America…Muslim…what do you think about that?

She took an oath to become a US citizen that states, “I do hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against…”

She also took an oath to Allah to follow the teachings of Allah which are set forth in her book of faith, the Koran. She cannot believe in the teachings of Allah, through the prophet Muhammad, and our Constitution, as our Constitution calls for the Separation of Church and State, while the Koran calls for one leader of Church and State and all aspects of a believers life…the Ayatollah!

This piece of crap wants to change America to her sick Islamic beliefs. She openly espouses the poison the Koran teaches…how she hates Christians and Jews. I want INS to investigate where she came from; she (like Obama) has no Birth Certificate. Did she “abjure and renounce” the teachings of Allah to assimilate to become a US Citizen? Did she lie about who her husband was to help her brother become a US citizen? Why take an oath if there is no punishment for lying about the oath? Impeach her and then revoke her citizenship!

If she hates America so much why doesn’t she do as we have all said, “Go back to Somali land from where you came and straighten THEM out? We don’t need your help here…we are already straight…dumb ass bitch! Call my President names?

Rashida Tlaib:

She calls herself a “woman of color”. What exactly is your color Rashida? You losers always have a way to claim the race card even though you’re not BLACK!   Woman of “color” were always African women …at least that’s what THEY say. Now I believe, you believe, you are also black…like Lizzy Warren is Indian? I don’t believe Palestinians consider themselves black…do they?… or did you become black by association?

Can you stretch your BS any thinner? Find something the President did that was wrong, illegal, unethical. But you can’t, can you? So let’s listen to every word he says and when he says ANYTHING you can work into a “talking point” … like“he said BLACK” let’s wordsmith it into … “He Hates Blacks”, yea…that’s what he said alright!


Why don’t you see where Amazon went to spend 100 billion dollars to create 25,000 NEW jobs at $150,000 each and see if you can  “f… that up too”! It’s tough to get on someone who gives the appearance of an adult but has the mentality of a 5 year old…so I won’t!

Ayanna Pressley:

Never heard of her either! Who the hell cares what she thinks, does, or wants? What makes her worth listening to? Oh…she calls the President a racist and calls him a liar…calls him everything she can think of to slander him…but doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the truth…the facts.

Let’s see, he’s a job creator and a magician. You see Obama said neither he nor Trump could create jobs…unless he waives a “magic wand” and poof…there’s jobs! Well guess what, dumb ass…poof …he did it! He also made us energy independent, the largest energy producer in the world and a mighty military force again…all in 2 years…Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what the hell do you want?

The man can do no right according to the 4 stooges. If we added the IQ of all 4 together and let AOC tally it up, she would come up with 5, the number of stooges! Think about it!