James Comey was a prosecutor (sort of)…c’mon man, he convicted Martha Stewart, Public Enemy No. 1.  He was also a US Attorney, Director of the FBI, business executive, and he believed he was the Lord Almighty. Comey, in my opinion, grew to believe, as Director of the FBI, that he could do anything he wanted to do …legal or illegal. He believed that since he was the one in the FBI who allowed info to be released in press releases, he could allow info to be “leaked” when it benefited, not Lady Justice, but his own agenda. Having the power he believed he had, he could decide whether or not Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted…not whether there was probable cause to indict (an idiot could tell there was). There was never a doubt in Comey’s mind that the evidence against Clinton was overwhelming …well beyond. When he issued his “Proclamation Declination” opinion on Hillary (after laying out all that probable cause), he knew, as any Lawman would know, that she violated many laws intentionally and should have been charged. But, Comey utilizing the “power” granted to him, unilaterally decided Hillary should not be prosecuted. Comey knew he had no legal authority to make that decision. He also knew it violated the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures. But he didn’t care about the Law.  He wanted Hillary to win!

Why did he do it? That is a question only Comey can answer. In my opinion, he didn’t do it for a “direct” bribery payment but… he did it to keep his power position. He believed that although Clinton said disparaging things about him, when she wins the election and becomes President, she will see that Comey saved her and would keep him as FBI Director. I also believe Obama told him, “I got your back”…just like Comey told McCabe, Baker, Strzok the same thing! Comey also has a favorite trick when he doesn’t want to answer questions and doesn’t want to do a “Hillary, I can’t remember trick”, he claims, “That’s classified”.

Comey obstructed justice by signing an affidavit for a FISA warrant on Carter Page utilizing evidence that he knew was “salacious and unverified”. That’s a Felony. He directed people to leak info on open investigations…another felony, each time. Comey withheld exculpatory evidence on the Page warrant, another felony. He lied to the President, another felony. He conspired with FBI executives to impeach a President of the United States utilizing fraudulent and fabricated evidence to create a Special counsel to investigate the President and opened a Fraudulent Counter Intel case, against the President — all crimes. There are many more and I am certain our new Attorney General knows much more than I and will, as we used to say, nail the bastard!!

Every time Comey created work product on “his” computer he create FBI property, not “his personal notes”. When Comey used “his” computer to create FBI work product, that computer hard drive and the computer became FBI property. Taking that information home and keeping conversations with the President of the US in his sock drawer is a security violation in the least and a felony if he gave that info to unauthorized personnel (i.e. press or college professor).

There can be no doubt in any lawman’s mind or any prosecutors mind or ANY citizens mind that Hillary violated every security law in the book by using her “.com” email address for US State Department confidential business! She had Huma Abedin transcribe SAP communications and send them to her in the clear over her personal server! Abedin was so concerned about breaking the law that she copied incriminating STATE communications to her flash drive and put them in a safe place at home…on her husband’s computer in a “just in case” file! SAP classified info are the most secret of secret stuff we have. That’s satellite orbits, informant names, defense plans. Only 10 people are cleared for SAP communications…and the Wiener isn’t one of them, nor is Abedin! It’s “eyes only”…no copy and paste, no copy machine copies for any reason…only approved safes can store and on and on. Hillary Clinton used her personal AOL or Microsoft or Blackberry to send and receive transcribed SAP classified information! That’s Title 18 Section 793 USC Sabotage- Gathering, Transmitting, Losing Defense Information.

Do you not think that FBI Director Comey didn’t know that…the former prosecutor, former USA, Director of the FBI? There is no excuse for Comey.

He MUST be indicted, tried, convicted and given serious time.  I promised Bubba!

This guy is going to find out that he is not as smart as he thought and not as immune from prosecution as he thought. He will, in my opinion, cut a deal to hand up …both Lynch AND Hussein Obama!


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