Mr. Attorney General…

Mr. Attorney General…Reasons for Our Concerns…I’m Mad as Hell!

Those of us who were Agents and are now retired are very concerned about what Former FBI Directors Bob Mueller and the very corrupt James Comey did to the FBI, America, and our Rule of Law. Mueller changed the direction of the FBI from a hard hitting, very effective, and well disciplined, Crime Fighting Bureau to a “gathering” Agency whose honesty is being challenged and indeed, factually, was corrupted by Comey, Obama, AGs Lynch and Holder and  Executive staff!

With probable cause and solid physical evidence, including a signed NDA by Hillary, her destruction of evidence, lies, and, as the Secretary of State, utilizing an unauthorized, unsecured and private email for ALL STATE communications including SAP material AND not being charged is unheard of and totally UNACCEPTABLE!!! AG Lynch, AG Holder, Hussein Obama were ALL complicit and guilty of Misprision of a Felony. There is no way they did not send and receive emails to and from Hillary and saw firsthand that she was blatantly violating  the integrity of classified information and putting at risk, the lives of soldiers, Intelligence Agents, informants, defense secrets. All top secret info sent between the President and his Secretary of State are now in the hands of China, Russia, Iran and any high school kid with average computer skills! There are only 10 people in the world cleared for SAP communications but because of Hillary was trying to hide her illegal actions that could be uncovered by FOIA requests, she risked the lives and security of our country and its citizens, and God Damn It, she has to be charged and punished with jail time!!!

She is out there explaining how our President is guilty of obstruction and collusion with Russia and that he defeated her because of his corruption! How that woman can live with herself is incredible, unimaginable, and without any conscience! Do you believe it? She is so stupid…trying to rub our noses in it thinking she got away with it…but, “It’s” not over, is it?

So my big questions are…why didn’t Jeff Sessions do anything about it? Why did it take the President telling him to fire McCabe to get things started…slowly? Why didn’t he put McCabe and the others before a Grand Jury? Why didn’t he indict Clinton immediately, and don’t even try to claim “unintentional” (34,000 emails, remember)? You can’t claim ignorance, stupidity or TBI …the NDA doesn’t allow for any of the above! Why didn’t he indict Huma Abedin and the Wiener? There are no more blatant acts of intentional criminal conduct than what I just mentioned, and  the FBI Director claiming it was “careless” is asinine and Hobbs Act-Political Corruption and a lot of BULL SHIT! Why didn’t Sessions go after the FISA court abuses…because, he didn’t know? That’s as believable as State Department classified, secret communications being ACCIDENTALLY downloaded to the Wiener’s computer, by a flash drive that was copied at State, transported to Abedin’s  home and downloaded on the Wiener’s computer…all unintentional?!

They were all given enough rope to hang themselves, and they did…just pull open the trap door.

Mr. AG there is so much more, as I am certain you know…but I hope you understand why I am really pissed with how all this could happen, and I am sure the AG feels the same way. Please do not allow any of the numerous crimes and abuses by Obama and his Racketeering staff fall through the cracks.

This corrupt Obama Administration was exactly why the RICO statute was signed into law. It expands the statute of limitations and allows the fringe criminals, who are as guilty as the principals, to be charged the same as the principals allowing for many predicate crimes to apply.