To say I am MAD AS HELL would be an understatement!

President Trump told you, the American people, the truth all along! Retired FBI Agents, who knew that the FBI, CIA, NSA, AG could not legally do the things they did, told the American people the truth as well… The President did not conspire with the Russians or anybody else to get crap on somebody who covered herself in crap the minute she started her campaign, only to have lying, jealous, arrogant Democraps lie to the American people every chance they had. With the FAKE, PHONY, misleading Press repeating the misinformation and outright lies told, it’s no wonder many actually believed the President did something called “Collusion”, which in and of itself is a lie…because there is no Crime called Collusion in the first place!

We said the President did not Obstruct Justice when he fired Comey. The Crap press and Democraps said he did. There was no Crime committed by the President, the Mueller report, 35 million dollars and a dozen of Hillary loving Lawyers also said “no crime” in a 500 page report that was turned over to the Attorney General who also said,“No Crimes”.

That’s not good enough for the Crap to believe! The Constitution gives the President the power to fire any government employee, Comey or even Mueller. The President said he did nothing wrong, Comey told the American people on National Television, the President was NOT the subject of an FBI investigation and is not being investigated, and now Mueller and the Attorney General said he did not commit a crime! The President had every reason to believe he was innocent especially since he knew he committed no crime!

Then a real piece of Crap, Adam Schiff, who said he has “not direct or indirect evidence but in between evidence” (there is NO such thing, folks) and that the President “colluded” with foreign Agents to discredit Hillary. There is no such evidence as “in between” evidence and there is no crime called Collusion and there were NO crimes committed by Trump…yet the BS that comes out of Schiff’s mouth never ends…that’s why I named him Congressman Shitty !

Since Mueller, a former FBI Director, and his 35 million dollar team of lawyers, investigators couldn’t find the Collusion, keep in mind there is NO Freaking Crime in Title 18 called “Collusion”…only an asshole would use that phrase to mislead Americans to believe Trump broke the Collusion laws, after being told by Allen Dershowitz, the Attorney General, me and any lawyer you can find.   AND this asshole is using taxpayer dollars to “redo” the Collusion investigation… because it’s not the result Schiff wanted! Now there’s somebody who should be impeached, Schiff!

Here’s something very easy to understand; if you and I Conspired (not Colluded) to rob a grocery store and we committed overt acts to carry out the crime like getting a gun and stolen car, but we did not rob the store. Can we be charged with Conspiracy To Rob the store…? The answer is a resounding …NO! We could be charged with theft or illegal guns. So, if we found out that the police were onto us, is there a way we could be charged for obstructing the investigation? Not likely. If we damaged a Detective’s car and stole his notebook we would/could be charged with theft and destruction of police property, but there was no “crime” committed to rob the store, there is no predicate crime to conspire to do so!!!!

I don’t understand how Swalwell got through law school or grade school, for that matter, Eric Swallow, now claims, along with Pelosi that the President is running a “cover up”, by investigating real criminals like Comey, Lynch, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, et al. There’s a “cover up” alright but the accusers are the culprits…pretty clever…huh?

Folks remember what I’ve been saying, “Those who cry the loudest are the biggest crooks”. You watch, when the chickens come home to roost, who goes to jail…it won’t be this President…it may be his Predecessor, and “that” Administration but it won’t be President Trump!

Just to clarify why the Democrap leaders are in pure panic mode…if it turns out, as I say it will, that Comey, Sally Yates, Andy McCabe, Strzok, Baker, Rosenstein, Brennan, Clapper withheld vital or exculpatory evidence from the FISA Court (Committed Fraud against the FISA Court), that means that everything that derived from the Carter Page wiretap is illegal and several Federal Felonies were committed by very high ranking government officials. If that’s true (and it is, my opinion) then they also violated the 4th Amendment Rights of Carter Page and a WHOLE LOT of other US Citizens. All the citizens that UN Rep Samantha Power unmasked, for example, are serious Felonies…the more high ranking officials…the more who will be looking to make deals to hand up a higher pay grade person for a break…like the former AG Lynch or former AG Holder…or? It doesn’t have to be related to the task at hand…for example, if Power says she was best friends of Lois Lerner and Power can give us Lois…interested? That’s why the pile of Crap is so worried…who’s next?

That also means if there was a conspiracy to fabricate a Criminal Investigation or Counter Intel case against Trump, the candidate and then President Trump (pssst…there was…my opinion)…besides Comey being toast, Hillary, as well done toast…even burnt toast, WILL hand up Obama, because; (1) she is not a stand up person and (2) She can …(remember Benghazi…that was Treason if there ever was Treason) and THAT would keep her out of jail.

Let me ask you this, “Would you put your life in Hillary Clinton’s hands, if giving you up would keep her out of jail”? I didn’t think so…me either…but Obama did!!

So you see the whole Democrap Party is about to totally implode…and they deserve it and need a clean start because what they have now is …you guessed it…total CRAP, the worst in this Nations history, in my humble opinion!