Mr. President you are brilliant! Please allow me to take this to the next level.

The Democraps have taken every action possible to prevent the President from doing his job to protect Americans and stopping illegal entry into our country, even after the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the President’s actions. They oppose a barrier wall, they oppose the closing of the border, and they oppose funding for Border Security. They refuse to enact ANY new laws that would mitigate the illegal entry. Then the Democrap leaders, in fact, violate Federal Laws by openly encouraging illegals to enter our country by demanding open borders, creating sanctuary cities and states to protect them, and then alert illegals when INS Agents are coming! What more can the President do?

Honor their requests…send them there, to California, until they provide funding for the Wall and Border Security and if that fails…

…OPEN THE SOUTHERN BORDER AT CALIFORNIA BY MOVING ALL CALIFORNIA BORDER SECURITY TO COVER THE REST OF THE SOUTHERN BORDER…Arizona to Florida!!! YOU WANT OPEN BORDERS…YOU GOT IT…AT CALIFORNIA, THE REST OF THE BORDER IS CLOSED!!! The Supreme Court has said the President has Plenary Power on Immigration…so move your people around and use the power of the President!

Since the leader of these illegal acts by elected officials are being lead, encouraged and protected by the Speaker of the House, saturate her city and state with all the “overflow” illegals. Do not send them to any other state …just California… and when they go to the 9th Circus to stop it, ignore the orders, and continue to send all those who entered our country illegally to their state, California or…read on …the “Coup De Grâce”… They have said they want them so badly that they violated our Rule of Law (there are no Sanctuaries by Federal Law), and established, by their own laws…Sanctuary Cities…just for the illegals! I do believe that the President is on solid ground. The Government has been depositing aliens wherever they wanted with no warnings and no issues for decades. So do it, do it, do it!!!

Just drop them there by the thousands and walk away and ignore any 9th Circus orders to stop. Just follow former AG Holder’s lead… when his Attorneys were held in contempt by real Judges and not 9th Circus, Agenda, Judges; he ignored them!

Do not make any executive orders nor Special Proclamation or Press Releases just …quietly direct those in Homeland Security and INS, who have been handling the transport of illegal aliens — to only bring them to California Sanctuary Cities. Do not force any other states to get involved. Do as Pelosi did, and take HER on. This time there is NOTHING she can do to stop it except run to the 9th Circuit OR pass legislation to fund a Fence, Wall or Barrier, and pass legislation to deal with the illegals’ emergency SHE and her Democrap contingency started.  When they run to the courts, fight it, but continue to do what the Government has been doing for decades! Make certain the 9th circuit and Pelosi’s resident city are saturated with the worst of the worst!!


When the pressure to stop moving the illegals to California becomes too great… or there isn’t funding then…


the “Coup De Grâce”:


OPEN THE CALIFORNIA BORDER by relocating all INS, Border Security employees, at the Southern California Border to protect the rest of the Border from Arizona to Florida.  BUT, LET ALL of South America know that the California Border, per requests from Pelosi and her Democraps IS OPEN…come one and come all to the Sanctuary State, and CLOSE the rest of the Border except to commercial traffic and those with existing legal reason to enter!!!

All the Coup De Grâce requires is reassigning Border Security to where the President feels it’s needed and wanted AND at minimum expense!! We can no longer protect the entire Border without Barriers so we are taking California up on their offer to accept all the illegals!!!

Advise California’s Border States they are on their own to protect their Borders from Californian illegals! By isolating California and making it between the rest of the Country and California, the rest of the Country will prevail! Most hate California anyways!!