Being the lawyer every one is saying you are, you must know that our former President Obama disregarded our Rule of Law with the many illegal acts he committed. For example…giving the Muslim Brotherhood F16s and other arms, not sending aid to Citizens under fire in Benghazi, giving the worlds’ biggest sponsor of  terrorism, Iran, 150 billion and a path to nuclear power…telling Putin’s people “I will be more negotiable in second term”, being part of a scheme to defraud America with Obama Care. The MIT genius admitting on National TV that he lied to the American people because, “We all knew the country would not go along with Obama Care if they knew the truth”. That’s Wire Fraud…he picked up about 1.5 million for his lies…just prove who the “we” are. This Professor won’t go to jail for Obama or anybody else. And many more Acts from Treason to Racketeering. He sold out America…get him, the FBI can and will, given the chance! Obama figured he could say and do anything he wanted because the Press was on his side, even giving aid to the enemy.

There is no doubt Obama knew everything that the RICO team did to try to get Clinton elected, Strzok said so and so did others. Then there is the “insurance policy”, a very careless, conspiracy to remove a Duly Elected President. Consider all the incriminating facts that are online, on record, on National TV. Just present those facts to a new, dedicated Grand Jury! The Admitted lies and leaks by Comey, Clapper, Ohr, McCabe, Strzok, Abedin’s “just in case” back up on the Weiners computer with 18 classified State Dept communications; Clinton’s NDA; emails between Clinton, Abedin, and Mills, regarding SAP communications sent in the clear; the use of a personal email server for all State Department communications by the freaking Secretary of the State  (c’mon man …are you kidding, me?… What does it take? OMG!).

Does anybody wonder why we want the Obama criminals charged?

Then there are the FISA Court crimes. Brennan and Clapper are involved in using the Dossier and are involved in the RICO conspiracy. I am certain the AG has been involved in Title 3 investigations and knows how critical accurate information, “to the best of my ability”, is necessary to be presented to any Title 3 Court, FISA especially, because Citizens are protected by the Constitution and FISA Court orders on minimizing (masking and unmasking). The lack of candor by the signors which includes Rosenstein (sorry but he gets indicted as well…no one is above the law), the failure to report exculpatory evidence, the failure to reveal the primary Probable Cause is “SALACIOUS AND UNVERIFIED”…said by the freaking FBI Director three months AFTER he also signed the application before the FISA court…how stupid is that? It’s good for us he did it, and he did it because he KNEW he was in trouble and has no way out but to admit it and then to try to cover it later, if charged. So let him further lie and dig a deeper hole…indict him …as the first group indicted along with Clinton!!! He’ll probably say something like, “By golly gee, I thought the FBI Director could do anything”. After all, he gave his prosecutive opinion on Hillary which even an idiot FBI Agent knows YOU CAN’T DO THAT! That’s against the Federal Rules, DOJ and FBI Policy and the memo of understanding between the FBI and DOJ!!! But “Lynch said I could”…would you jump over the Falls, Comey, if Lynch said you could?


Congress has been out of control and should not be allowed to interfere with the ability of a Duly Elected President, to complete his Constitutional responsibilities. Outright lies by elected officials could be Sedition…I am not certain as I never worked a Sedition case. I did work cases involving elected officials and can say without hesitation, they are more corrupt per capita than regular citizens. What percent of Congress has been arrested, convicted, lost their jobs when compared  to citizens…it’s not really surprising …just look at the arrogance and ignorance of Schumer, Pelosi, the old, and Cortez, Omar and Gilli-land, the new! I guess it didn’t take long for the new to believe they are exempt from arrest because they are members of Congress! I’ll put my money on Cortez to go down first…she’s by far the dumbest! She transferred campaign contributions to several personal accounts?…will she plead “not guilty by way of stupidity”?

Former President Obama and former Secretary of State Kerry going to Germany and Iran, undermining the current President’s foreign policy is a crime, seldom if ever charged, but a crime anyways. Enforce it! The President should yank their security clearances as well!

I firmly believe based upon feedback from my readers and my own experience in Federal Law enforcement that the above is true and accurate to the best of my ability! So help me God!!!