In over two years of intentional harassment of our duly elected President by Special Prosecutor Mueller, and 25 million dollars spent, his stacked deck of “investigators”, a handful of corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA Officials (and I mean top Officials), and the corrupt MSM, found no evidence of “Russia Collusion” nor “Conspiracy” of any crime ….don’t you think it’s time to level the scales of Justice?

How about you call in Mueller and ask him if his team of top-notch investigators knew that Hillary bought the DNC and probably used the Clinton Foundations’ laundered money to win her nomination. Ask if they were aware that Hillary paid Fusion GPS, who hired a Foreign Agent, Chris Steele, who obtained most of his Dossier information from Russian, former Agents, to write the Dossier which led to a FISA wire on Carter Page, a US Citizen. Did Mueller not know that the Dossier according to Mueller’s buddy, James Comey, FBI Director, was “salacious and unverified” at the time all the DOJ and FBI Officials signed and swore it was true and accurate?

Did he not know that Hillary, buying information from Foreign Agents to effect a Presidential election, is what he was supposed to find out about… not just did Trump collude with Russia? Does he believe that Hillary colluded with foreign officials to win the Presidential Election? We the American people would like to know how after 25 million dollars spent to find that out, he couldn’t find what was right in front of his face, all along?

Did Hillary collude with foreign Officials…yes or no?

As the AG, don’t you think your office should meet with members of Congress and advise them that their Constitutional duties are to make the Laws and oversee the funding and not conduct criminal investigations without prior DOJ authority and in violation of our Rule of Law and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure? Under our Rule of Law, no Agency may investigate any US Citizens without substantial belief based upon evidence that a crime has been committed by that Citizen. They cannot just investigate a citizen to see if they broke the law. That is a violation of Due Process, the Equal Rights Amendment, the Federal Rules of Criminal procedure and DOJ Rules and Policies. Congressmen are possibly subjecting themselves to Felony Charges for violating their very own Laws, which wouldn’t be the first time, and if they do, the Justice Department must vigorously pursue criminal charges. The Congress is NOT exempt from following our Rule of Law! After a vigorous investigation by many and nothing found, the AG must advise Congress that DOJ will not tolerate any further harassment of the President …he has a job to do. If they have probable cause to believe the President violated the law, bring their evidence forward and DOJ will decide if there is PC to investigate…that’s DOJs job, not Congress’!!!

If DOJ doesn’t like the job Congress is doing, can the DOJ start making the laws and funding the Government? I think not…

If not already accomplished, reopen the Clinton case, instead of Judicial Watch doing the job of DOJ. It seems everybody wants to do DOJ’s job…doesn’t it? Seat a Federal Grand Jury and get the obvious criminals, where the evidence has already been established, Hillary, Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Yates, Ohr, Rosenstein…every single signor on the Carter Page FISA warrant, indicted… now!

Mr. AG, you know who they are, and you know that the PC is overwhelming. They committed wire fraud, S793, Conspiracy to violate numerous federal laws, and Fraud against the FISA courts besides lying to the idiots who want to impeach our President but can’t find their ass with their own two hands, Congressmen Shitty and Swallow and Senator Nadler!!!! Read them the Riot Act. They probably never heard of it!

When Mueller lies to you on why he ignored the Criminal Acts committed by Hillary…fire him on the spot and close the damn witch hunt…sorry, investigation, enough is enough!

We need our President to secure the Border, bring Fair Trade deals to America, finish a deal to shut down nuclear weapons in the hands of N Korea and Iran, continue to keep America energy independent, finish destroying ISIS, increase our lost manufacturing base, and the rest of the responsibilities a President has to deal with, instead of the crap the Commie-crats want to put him and us through.  Mr. AG, step up to the plate…you’re at bat and not on deck anymore!!!