Obama and Clinton knew the Embassy was at risk. The Embassy and CIA Annex were placed there to assist “rebels” in overthrowing Kaddafi by supplying rebels with resources. A US citizen and arms dealer approached State with a way to supply “rebels” with small arms and RPGs. Clinton rejected the plan, then Obama approved and Clinton implemented the plan, cutting the US Citizen out of the deal. State had outlawed selling arms to Libya; therefore, it could not do it openly. State gave the arms to the wrong people, who raided the Embassy and killed four Americans. Clinton and Obama panicked. That’s why they let Americans die…to cover up their mistakes. When the Arms dealer threatened to go public, he was charged with selling the arms to Libya. The charges were later dropped after things cooled down.

That’s what I say happened. The evidence is out there …JUST PROVE IT!


Hillary Clinton hired a computer nerd to set up an offsite server to send State and personal emails in the clear. She did this to keep her extremely flagrant criminal acts hidden, out of the reach of Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, and the numerous others who are successful utilizing FOIA to see what corrupt officials in Government are doing that’s illegal. Personal emails for Government employees are exempt from Freedom of Information…to a point. By Law, when ANY personal device is used for Government business, it and its memory and product all become Government property! Her efforts blew up in her face resulting in her lying to State, Congress, the FBI, and you and me, besides violating T18S793, USC (Federal Laws) that concerns violating US Classified Secret Laws …placing Secret info at risk; which she signed and swore NOT to do in an explicit NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement, which leaves NO excuses!

The Uranium to Russia deal and all the underlying crimes that benefitted the Clintons, both, and their Foundation. Trips Bill took to help the deals, money paid to Bill under the pretense of BS speeches, Money, hundreds of millions, ”donated” to their Foundation from Foreign Government that all dried up when Hillary lost. C’mon man ..that’s pretty good PC. Just ask the jury!

It’s called Espionage… besides several other serious crimes. She also bought the DNC nine months before the Democrat Convention assuring she would be nominated and receive all the money she needed. In furtherance of that, she obtained Presidential Debate questions before debates from Donna Brazil, used Clinton Foundation money to buy the DNA, used the Clinton Foundation to launder and hide donations, and used the State department for her personal “Pay to Play” cash flow. In so doing, she corrupted everyone around her, as Secretary of State….AND every single one of her staff, without a doubt, will cut a deal. The evidence is overwhelming. Their grants of immunity are illegal and part of a scheme to witness tamper, evidence destruction, in violation of Hobbs Act Political corruption, RICO, Destruction of Evidence, Obstruction of Criminal Investigations and numerous other criminal Acts…Comey is full of crap …any USA would have prosecuted her!

There are dozens of honest, real USAs, AUSAs, and FBI Agents in FBI Field Offices with pages of interview evidence and physical evidence just waiting to bring forth what their extensive efforts proved. Just call them…and then just indict it!


FBI Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker to AG Lynch and President Obama, Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr and many more all conspired to defeat and then unseat Donald Trump. Lynch directed Comey to back off on the Clinton investigations AND Comey did! If you believe Obama didn’t issue that directive, you must believe chickens have lips! That… Congressman Shitty, Swallow and Senator Nadler (the 3 stooges) is Hobbs Act- Political corruption, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to Alter an FBI Investigation, Witness Tampering, Destruction of Evidence, and on and on BESIDES lying under oath to you three ass-holes, in Congressional testimony, even as soft pedal as you treated them, under oath…they lied to you!!!

Compare the seriousness of what the above violated to the convictions you idiots are so proud of: Flynn, lying to FBI; Papadopoulos, lying to FBI; Manafort, Tax Evasion, Gates, lying to FBI; Van der Zwaan, lying to FBI; Patten, not registering as foreign agent; several Russians, plead to nonsense charges….AND not one had anything to do with the President…WOW… how many MILLIONS of taxpayer money did the Democraps waste on BS?

These actions and the number of officials involved, the types of crimes, the number of crimes are all pointing to and “screaming” for a major RICO investigation which would help any Statute of Limitation problems.

Let me say this…if bribing people to get their kids in college is a Racketeering Case, an ENTIRE Obama Administration from State to DOJ to FBI to CIA to NSI to IRS IS MOST CERTAINLY A RICO CASE!!!

Just freaking prove it Mr. AG — the evidence has mostly been gathered!!! Just INDICT it…dammit!!!