You are my dream come true! I was trying to think of a way to recover what we, the Conservatives, just lost in the midterms after the DUMB ASS Republican Congressman just up and retired or left to sell pot, and you pretty, young girls came through. Thank you and please keep up the good work!

I remember when I was in the 1st grade how I would dream of free stuff…a free baseball mitt, a free bike, free bacon (my Dad wouldn’t buy bacon because we couldn’t afford it), free vacations, ice skates…wow, we could have sure used you ladies years ago! Free everything, working for the Government or just don’t work and live on the Government and free everything…a dream come true…free, free, free!

I couldn’t understand why the Government didn’t just do it…I guess Ms. Cortez and me (when I was in the 1st grade) thought a lot alike. We don’t have to pay…the GOVERNMENT can pay.  Why I never thought of that when I was in the 1st grade, I’ll never know! I thought that somebody had to pay, and now I learn from Ms. Cortez that nobody has to pay…the Government does…what a wonderful idea!

I never realized that there really is a benefit to having people in Congress who think, believe and act like 1st graders. The best part is that 1st graders really believe what they say, like our new and some older members of Congress…so cute…living in the Land of Oz with no cares in the world! When Daddy (the President) says “no”…we can stomp our feet, say defiantly, “No I won’t, you can’t make me and it’s your fault”.

Daddy can’t take my $170,000 allowance away either. After two years I can leave, move out, act like a grownup and go sell pot, keep my free Health Care and keep a pension based on $170,000 too…wowey… just like the Land of Oz! I even gave Daddy a “sarcastic clap” behind his back, oops…he caught me!

So Ms. Cortez and Nancy, please keep up the good work and the wonderful Land of Oz ideas. I guarantee you that you will help us restore realistic, doable, adult ideals and put the House and Senate back into to a sensible order and a majority that is sure to amaze you! It will, most importantly, assure the re-election of the best President this Nation has seen, at least, in my lifetime of 70 plus years! Thanks again!!!