Our forefathers were brilliant, geniuses in fact. The original Constitution was drafted on 4 pages of 23 x 28 inch parchment paper. From the introduction to the ratification there were many changes, hearings, debates, amendments, proclamations, new laws, but the fundamentals have stood the test of time. We have a Bill of Rights which extends Rights equally to all citizens, no matter which party wins, as well as Rules, Regulations, policies and legal precedents, that all combine to comprise our Rule of law.

Geniuses like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, wanted to ensure that never again could any single tyrant, take over our country. So they help create checks and balances to stop any tyrannical ruler or wannabe from taking charge. The overwhelming agreement was that there should be three separate branches of government, Executive (President), Legislative (House and Senate), and Judicial (Courts).

What has happened to cause all the turmoil is this: we the people in a legal election, elected a President to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and the Chief Executive of our country. As we would expect, losers’ choice was not elected. They don’t like the elected President. Unlike some 8 years ago when their Obama was elected, we didn’t like him either, but we accepted the vote, as that is our Rule of Law. Unfortunately, many of the losers to the recent election want to change our Rule of Law, to get their person in. These people wanted their candidate so bad that they were willing to violate our Rules, Regulation, Laws, Policies, and lied, cheated deceived, and did every underhanded thing you can imagine to win…but still lost.

The chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak!

Hillary Clinton and her campaign even bought the Democrat National Committee in a written Agreement, a year before the DN Convention, that’s a fact, yet you never hear the MSM talk about it. That fact should tell even the dumbest of the dumb that the Main Street Media is corrupt, deceitful and colluded with the DNC …to no avail! Why else would they keep “that” so quiet? She took complete, freaking control of all the collected money and controlled the distribution of it. She obtained questions for at least one debate for sure, on CNN, before the debate, where the despicable Matt Lauer was the commentator. If you didn’t hear that before, you should be asking NBC,ABC, or CBS why not?

The DNC and Hillary even went further: she hired Fusion GPS to do “opposition research” on Candidate Trump. They hired Christopher Steele, a Foreign Intelligence Officer, who colluded with Russian Officials to get “dirt” on her opponent, Trump.

They then took this corrupted information, called it a “Dossier”, and used it, with the help of corrupt DOJ officials who supported Hillary, I mean James Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Rod Rosenstein and others to obtain wiretaps on a bottom-feeder, unpaid, volunteer, campaign worker, Carter Page. Any Trump campaign worker Page talked to on the phones, the DNC and DOJ heard. And guess what? They heard nothing — nothing criminal and that says a lot!

Think about that for a minute. The Democrats lied, cheated and stole information, obtained illegal wiretaps against Trump and found NOTHING illegal, absolutely nothing! If the law listened to your phone conversations for 6 months, would they have heard anything illegal? Maybe you talked to your tax man, or placed a little bet, or asked a buddy to fix a parking ticket, c’mon man! Do you think that if the Republicans were on the phones of a Hillary campaign worker they wouldn’t have heard anything illegal? C’mon man! Everything they did was crooked.

Now enter the Mule! Mueller, who, for your information, was the first FBI Director to start to “dismantle” the FBI and reduce it from the finest criminal and intelligence agency to what Comey finished off, making the FBI an “Intelligence Gathering” Agency, and the “new FBI” of today. How do you like it?

Mueller has, without any doubt in my mind, conspired with Comey and Rosenstein, for certain, and probably others to break numerous laws, rules, regulations, and policies not to solve crimes, but to “get” the President of the United States, that “he,” in his almighty glory, does not like!

Fortunately, our forefathers must of heard about the Mule, and made it impossible for a tyrant like Mueller to unilaterally unseat the sitting president. Mueller, by law cannot charge the President with a crime; since he cannot charge him with a crime, he can’t force him to testify, nor can he or even a 9th Circus Judge grant him immunity and order him to testify. He cannot therefore issue him a subpoena because there must be a crime that the President committed and could be charged with! Besides, Mueller is so far out of line, so far outside a nonexistent scope that Rosenstein forgot to write, that I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Ellis throws the entire Special Prosecutor and his Mule train and fabricated charges out of court.

But the bottom line is this: no matter what CNN says, our Founding Fathers did not want the president hampered with civil suits or trying to defend himself from allegations from the sore loser party, so they made it pretty difficult for the president to be distracted, even if the press wants him impeached. They believed that protecting you and me, fighting our wars, keeping our treaties enforced, keeping our factories open and energy flowing is more important than what Stormy Daniels or the Mule have to say (and I would put them both on the same level… my opinion, of course!)

Here’s an idea that the President can do with no risk: order all the documents that Judge Ellis wants and Congress has subpoenaed, UNCLASSIFIED…look at the FISA Application on Carter Page, satisfy yourself that it’s not Classified and order it to be Unclassified so the public, Congress and the rest of the country can see what assholes the Left truly are!