Lead or declassify!

Lead or declassify! Declassify what Obama sealed, hid, over-classified to protect himself, Hillary, Holder, Lynch etc.!

Mr. President; if you will not take charge of matters demanding your attention, then, at least, declassify those matters that Obama sealed, hid, over-classified to protect himself, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and others!

Former President Obama lived a life of lies and deceit before becoming president and expanded his deceitful ways into very serious crimes, during his eight years of his “mission’, in my opinion.

Obama “sealed”, classified, and otherwise hid Fast and Furious papers from purview, like he did his passport, his college FAF forms, his Social Security Numbers, and many other records, including those overflowing into the deceit used in the FISA courts!

I am certain there is no other reason for Obama to either classify or use Executive Privilege to hide the facts from the Congress Intelligence Committee and the family of our Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, other than to protect Eric Holder and/or himself from possible criminal charges for blatant criminal negligence or some other crimes.

The use by Obama of our FISA court for, what I believe was his “personal Black Ops” agency, to monitor his political foes, news reporters, those who were critical of him, and other personal reasons, seems to be overwhelming. Who else would… who else could have ordered Samantha Powers to unmask the identity of over 300 US citizens in Obama’s last year, 2016?

Clapper, Brennan and Rice all say, under oath, that they know nothing about it. So who ordered the unmasking? Unmasking is not a minor deal, it is a major deal! The names of citizens discovered during a FISA over hear of foreigners, according to FISA Law, are to be deleted.

Who ordered the unmasking and why? Congress and We, the People, demand an answer!

Only the president can review the FISA court evidence and make the determination, if a crime probably was committed, who should investigate and then order the investigation.

Only the president can declassify documents that agencies refuse to declassify!

The president of the United States doesn’t “ask” the Attorney General or FBI Director to open or close an investigation; he tells them to do so! He may ask their opinion and then direct them to act but the president “is” the boss.

He doesn’t ask. He directs. That is what President Trump, in my opinion, must start doing or, at the very least, he should start reviewing evidence and see what the hell is going on!

Declassify the records DOJ is withholding from Congress. It is Obama holdovers who are refusing to release. I’ll bet money on that!

He should, at the very least, examine all the FISA papers regarding the Carter Page case and then, if warranted, declassify all those documents, so Congress can do their job. If the president doesn’t want to take charge for whatever reason then allow Congress and We, the People know if Obama abused the FISA court system and the Rights of Citizens, against illegal Search and Seizure!