Trump should suspend DOJ officials

Trump should suspend DOJ officials who signed affidavit that [appears to have] deceived FISA Court

Somebody should advise President Trump that he should stop saying “Somebody should do something, or AG Jeffrey Sessions should do something”.

The president is the only one who can do anything.

AG Session’s idea of assigning the Inspector General to investigate the DOJ/FBI role in the spying on Americans, by misusing the FISA Court, will likely be ineffective. If the President is waiting for the IG to do anything, he is going to be disappointed.

Pres. Trump is 100% correct when he says the IG is not enough.

The president is the only one who can take charge. He should suspend everyone who signed or promulgated what we now know was the misleading Carter Page affidavit before the FISA Court: That includes Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Bruce Ohr, Peter Strozk, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Rod Rosenstein are the principle actors who may have conspired to use the DOJ as a wing of the Clinton campaign.

Administrative Inquiries and, if appropriate, criminal cases should be opened on them. They’re not above the law.

If, in the demand to pursue justice, Sessions resigns from the Dept of justice, so be it. But Pres. Trump must include Rosenstein in the list of those who must be suspended pending an administrative inquiry.

He signed the 1st FISA affidavit.

Of course, the president will be criticized for this, but he will be criticized no matter what he does. Still, he is on solid ground because of the obviously deceptive FISA affidavit.

As for Sessions, he can’t suspend Rosenstein, because he recused himself. With Rosenstein gone, the president can replace him with Rep. Gowdy.

There is a reason why the Attorney General, the directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA etc. report to the president. It is because he is their boss and, when there are matters of extreme consequence, he has to intervene. One such matter is the egregious misleading of the FISA court by partisan actors in the Dept. of Justice.

The president is the only one who has the ability to intervene and he should do so. The FISA court may have regularly violated the civil rights of Americans being misled to approve what – with full disclosure – they would not have since to do so would have been illegal searches and seizures.

It needs to be investigated if Pres. Obama used the FISA court for his personal spying agency.

The people deserve to know if the FISA court has been corrupted by Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, and Rice.

If nothing else makes sense to you then consider this: Rosenstien and Co. did not disclose that Hilary Clinton paid for the dossier, which was heavily relied on by the FISA Court to approve the spying on of an American close to Clinton’s opponent.

Simple: A candidate [Clinton] pays for a dossier against her opponent and the DOJ presents the dossier without disclosing that the opponent paid for it.

Did they not know it? They should have. They stated the dossier was done for political reasons.

If they knew that then they should have known who paid for it. If they failed to disclose that, that in itself is a crime. If they did not know, it was their obligation to investigate that.

The disclosure to the FISA Court should have included that Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier – and based upon this – they sought to spy on her opponent.

If I was a FISA Court judge, I would be furious with those who lied by omission.

If I were the president, I would open an investigation and suspend those involved – including Rosenstein – until I got to the bottom of it. That’s simple justice – for the Dept of Justice.