How far back shall we go? Let’s go back to your most recent, biggest mistake (there’s been so many)…Barack Hussein Obama. He promised that the Affordable Health Care Act  (Obamacare) would replace current health care…wrong. It will save about $2500 per household…wrong. It is affordable…wrong, wrong, and wrong in every way, and the right side had nothing to do with any part, in any way. We were shut out…remember? But you still managed to blame the Republicans.

He had to lie to get it passed. Speaker Pelosi told the House, “sign it so we can see what it says”…all 3000 pages, totally brain dead Speaker!

Hussein Obama said the police in Ferguson, MO violated Mike Brown’s civil rights…wrong. In fact, Eric Holder’s “DOJ Attorneys” were found by the Judge to be “in contempt of court” and charged that Holder’s team of geniuses tampered with evidence, and tampered with witnesses, and they were still wrong. There were no criminal acts by law enforcement. They did their job!

Obama was again wrong in New Orleans (same thing as Ferguson) and Boston (the College Professor), and the worst of those blunders…Texas. Some 30+ states sued Obama’s White House for trying to jam through 100,000 illegal immigrants, fast track to citizenship, absolution from illegal entry, and other immigration violations. The Texas Federal Court ordered DOJ Attorneys to Cease the process…they did not and processed 10,000 illegals. The court was so pissed, it issued an order banning several of Obama’s DOJ Attorneys from participating jn any proceedings in any of the 30+ Federal Districts. They should be fired, but Holder did nothing!

Imagine that…DOJ Prosecutors were barred from practicing before Federal Courts in 30+ Federal Districts because of witness and evidence tampering, and the Attorney General Holder did nothing!

Justice Scalia scolded Hussein Obama, twice, that he was violating the Constitution with his pen and a cellphone, by exceeding his authority. Two weeks after the second scolding…the Justice was found dead!

They, the left “EVERYBODY”, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Hussein Obama, Hillary and even FOX predicted Clinton would win, most said by a landslide. I said Trump would win by a landslide…read my columns before the election…the left is so wrong, that their polls for prediction are proven USELESS!

Before Trump was sworn in, people like Tlaib, a Muslim, said “she would impeach the MF”…wrong again. Pelosi said Trump would be impeached along with all the left candidates from Cory Booker, to Beto O’Rourke to Sen Schumer, the most useless of all the Senators, as well as Swallow, Nadler, and the one I say who is in trouble…that is…Adam Schiff…all wrong!

I say Schiff went too far in his lies, deceit, and conspired to commit several Federal Crimes. Schiff lied under oath to Congress, the American people, and his own committee. He tampered with witnesses who testified before Congress, he tampered with evidence. His lies are so many and so well documented that in my opinion, the AG Barr… to protect the integrity of our rule of law… must put the overwhelming evidence before a GJ just on that one issue…there are others… lest there be no sense in taking oaths to tell the truth, SO HELP ME GOD.

If James Comey could send Martha Stewart to jail for lying to him…we, the American people, can send Schiff to jail for lying to America, so many times and conspiring to overthrow our Constitution and our duly elected President, with no evidence.

The President wasn’t just found innocent, there was no evidence and no whistleblower. By law, the Whistle Blower Act, the Whistle Blower must have Direct Knowledge. There was none, from any whistle blower! Put Schiff’s lies before a Grand Jury, outside of DC, and let them decide. Then let a Jury of 12 decide if he’s a liar and traitor! I firmly believe he is. He wouldn’t be the first Congressman the FBI arrested, tried, convicted, and sent to the big house. These people must be held accountable, AG Barr.

The AG is complaining he can’t do his job with the president tweeting…well …

Mr. Barr, how do you think the President feels with the phony Russian Counter Intel Case; a Criminal Plot by the FBI Director Comey, DOJ Rosenstein, the OHRS, two FBI ADIC’s, and a phony Russian Dossier paid for by Clinton and her Clinton Foundation and HER DNC; illegal wiretaps on his election campaign; A Special Counsel Mueller, whose appointment was a well plotted conspiracy by FBI Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller, who found NOTHING after 35 million dollars and two years; an illegal Impeachment; threats against his family and his businesses; AND an entire swamp of fake news reporters, with every one trying to be a “Bob Woodward”, and none of them able to polish Woodward’s shoes or to tell the truth.

AG Barr, get off your ass and start indicting instead of waiting and whining!

In case you forgot, the DOJ is the only body that can indict and prosecute. All the IG investigations should have been FBI Criminal Investigations with people in jail, NOW, for substantive crimes and not the utter nonsense that Manafort, Stone, and Papadopoulos, et al., have been convicted for. Every single one of those convictions that “touched” that phony Dossier and FISA warrants must be dismissed!

All those who committed serious Federal Felonies against the Country, the President, and our Rule of Law…have to be prosecuted…Mr. Barr…what the hell are you waiting for?!