The reason President Barack Hussein Obama failed at everything he did is because, in my opinion, he wanted to fail. The word “fail” is a relative term. To a normal thinking American Citizen who believes in our Constitutional Republic…Hussein Obama was a complete failure. To the extreme left, he was a great “success”. How so…?

Obama is, was, and always will be…. a Muslim. He was born a Muslim, grew up Muslim, and never gave up his Muslim beliefs before a gathering of Muslims and Allah, as Islam requires. He became a “Christian” in name only because his wife told him he had to change religions if he wanted to run for any office, and she was correct, at that time! Understand, the Koran, his Book of Faith, allows lying and deceit, along with death to infidels, so long as it is in furtherance of Islam. I know what his Book of Faith spews… I’ve read an English Interpretation of the Koran, many times over, by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, which is recognized by many, including Sayed A. Razwy who wrote the Introduction stating, “…it is the best, English translation there is”!

A significant reason why “good” Muslims will say they believe in all the teachings of Islam but really don’t, is because those who do NOT believe in all of the teachings like, “death to unbelievers (infidels)”, is because the worst infidel is a Kafir (8:12, 9:29, 5:36), a Muslim who turns on Islam. That is punishable by death, beheading …unless they stay in America, where they’re relatively safe, (did you see the Muslims in Iraq lined up, shot, beheaded by ISIS)? They were Kafirs.

Obama’s goal in life is to make America…Muslim!

We call honor killings Homicide…pretty much, still against the law. I say that because in New York State, the Socialist, State Assembly and Governor are allowing no bail, “Own Recognizance (OR)” for example… DWI with a Death involved… that’s called Manslaughter…that’s right no bail, OR! What’s next…murderers OR’d too? Don’t be surprised.

It’s the same for burglary, simple assaults, assaults with a weapon, robbery, certain drug charges…that’s how the Socialist/Democrat leaders, like Governor Cuomo pass laws, and they do it without any input from the Judicial System, no input from the people, just those some of you were foolish enough to elect and then they work in the dark of night behind our backs. Cuomo announced a new bill…The Safe Act, that restricts 2nd Amendment Rights…no open discussion…no public hearings …no open Assembly discussions…just a Dictator, Cuomo, announcing a new law that make honest citizens, felons, over night! That’s Socialism…that is Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Peter Bootakeg, and Jr Cuomo…all of their candidate’s reek of Socialism. Be very careful how you vote, we could lose our freedoms, to the Left Radicals. You just saw what they tried to do to your President!

Behold those who you trust to do what they say they will do. Name a politician who is known for doing what he promises? I’ll bet you can…BUT will you…be honest with yourself first and then to others?

His name is Donald Trump!

Once in office their true colors show.

When Obama got his Obamacare passed, do you know he EXEMPTED Muslims, not Jews, not Baptists, not Catholics, not even his own, alleged, new religion, Christianity…just Muslims, from many of the Obamacare mandatory provisions…because of their religious beliefs. Well what about Christians who don’t believe in birth control or abortion, but employers have to cover the costs of health insurance for birth control and abortions?!


Mr. President, the head of the snake is Hussein Obama backed by George Soros. To get the head you have to start someplace and that is the weakest links…who will, without any doubt, hand him up. You simply MUST order, if necessary, AG Barr to pursue cases with the biggest paper trail and weakest subjects…that’s Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, without any doubt! Biden handed up Obama without even thinking about it…so much for Joe!

As an FBI Agent and a Supervisor, I used to tell other Agents…”Too many coincidences make a fact”. There are more than just coincidences surrounding Obama’s beliefs and actions  that have been investigated thoroughly by law enforcement Agencies and confirmed…that give way to more that deceit regarding his religion and actions …the evidence screams corruption and at all levels.

In my opinion, Hussein Obama ran a “Racketeering Organization”, right from his oval desk…backed by George Soros’ money. First he tried to destroy our economy and then military and then health care, thereby having the government take control of our lives…AND…he almost succeeded! Obamacare was passed by wire fraud, mail fraud, and a coordinated conspiracy to deceive the American Citizens and Congress. All predicate crimes to a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) case, all to overthrow this government …period. It continued with the intentional decimation with our Military …ask any General he fired, and he fired all the good ones.

Then Mr. President you threw a wrench into Hussein’s well-oiled and organized plan…you got elected, and you weren’t supposed to. Soros, Hussein, and Hillary worked hard to arrange for her election…and you screwed it all up…so they had to get rid of you…and they came close, didn’t they? This is not about Impeachment, it’s about over-throwing a duly elected President and replacing him with a Socialist/Communist or Dictator.

This shows how an unscrupulous, small, band of Radical “Democrats” can overpower gutless, career, Democrat Congressmen…they are gutless, and don’t deserve your votes, any more.

Time to get really tough…NOW! You have to allow a Grand Jury to determine if there is Probable Cause (PC) to indict, Hillary AND the Bidens and maybe even John Kerry. It’s not the Attorney General’s decision to indict, it’s a Grand Jury’s. It’s the AG’s decision to pursue a Grand Jury if he believes there’s PC. If this guy doesn’t believe there’s criminal intent, PC, enough prima facie evidence to indict Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden…make it an order and if he still refuses… fire him….now. Waiting for “the Durham report” is Bull Shit! Even an inept attorney like Eric Swallow knows there’s PC.

Stop another waste of time and money, Congressional investigation. The Senate doesn’t have investigators. They use the FBI Agents, and the Senate can’t indict, can’t arrest, can’t convene a trial, and can’t convict…… so what’s the purpose…all they can do is REFER to DOJ?!

You can order DOJ now.  We don’t need anything more to indict Hillary Clinton. There’s PC online, for Christ’s Sake!  The Ukraine case may need more interviews, but a team of “good” FBI Agents led by Rudy Giuliani, as an appointed, by you, DOJ Attorney (acting DOJ attorney?), could, with Ukraine cooperation, wrap it up in one week!

I presented Rudy his first Bank Robbery Case, he was a “go get ‘em guy” from the git-go…my kind of guy. If I know Rudy, he has the evidence right now. Believe what he says, no matter what the left thinks. You should have made him AG…my opinion.

Why would Hussein back Hillary if he’s a Muslim? That’s because Hillary believes in government control, socialism, and cut a deal with Obama to allow him to push his radical Islam beliefs as long as she could RULE as Queen Hillary, my opinion. She supported all Obamas’ radical doings from “take our guns”, to control our health, to load up welfare and open the borders…illegals are future votes!

Barack Hussein Obama’s, entire staff will collapse and roll-over, in my opinion. There isn’t a “stand up person” amongst them, starting with Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, and on and on. Indict the first, and the house of cards will fall…and Mr. President…please …watch your back. This “crew” of cut throats are capable of anything, and they are all desperate, hence the suicide Impeachment! I believe the risk is real!

The Democrat Party is self-destructing.