What will supersede… the Constitution, Article 2 or Impeachment based upon Hearsay, unilaterally, by the Speaker of the House?

The Constitution makes the President the CEO of the United States. He has the sole responsibility to hire, fire, make Foreign Policy, and the authority to carry it out by his personal involvement or his representative, like the Secretary of State. He is also the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US. He determines what is Classified Information and what is not…again personally or by his representatives.

When the President became aware of former Vice President Biden’s’ corrupt action with the former Ukraine’s President, it became his responsibility to determine if Biden did in fact break the law …whether or not Joe Biden wants to be President, doorman at a high end restaurant or just a pain in the ass…it’s the President’s responsibility to find out…not the AG, not the Speaker of House, not Congress not anybody but the President. If he didn’t, Pelosi or Schiff would try to impeach him for Failure to do his Job!

So the President asked the current President of Ukraine to, essentially, verify if Biden did to the former President Poroshenko what Biden said he did…in public, when he confessed to committing Hobbs Act –Extortion and Obstruction of a Foreign Investigation. The President, like others, probably couldn’t believe that a former Vice President could possibly be that stupid, to confess to such a crime…indeed, to BRAG about committing such a crime ON VIDEO and implicate his former boss, President Hussein Obama besides…real Presidential material, boy!!

Understand that under the Federal Rules, an unsolicited confession to a crime, on video, is REALLY good evidence …even “Best Evidence”! I wrote that in layman terms so Schiff and Pelosi could understand it!!!

If I were still an Agent and I heard the same confession from a local Congressman and after soliciting DOJ approval, since he is an elected official (DOJ Rules), I would open a Hobbs Act –Extortion case. I would then verify with the “victim” that it happened. When I confirmed it happened, I would then have sufficient Probable Cause to seek an Arrest Warrant on my Affidavit and Complaint or ask the AUSA, working this new case, to go to the Grand Jury with my testimony, to seek a True Bill and Court Ordered Bench warrant for his arrest!

The President COULD do the same exact thing right now on Biden, or have it done, i.e. FBI, and there is nothing anybody can do to stop it…because “That’s the law”.

When Biden was running off at the mouth that he might run, I wrote that he wouldn’t be able to run because he will be in jail for Extortion…long before he announced! Do you not think our President didn’t feel the same way!?

The President MUST direct the AG to send a team of FBI Agents to interview Poroshenko, with the sole purpose of confirming what Biden admitted on video to doing. Then immediately present to a Grand Jury to determine if the GJ believes Biden should be held over for trial…a True Bill. That’s our Rule of Law and the due process the President is being denied. The President MUST do his Article 2 duties and force the investigations to move forward. It’s on a sailboat now and needs to be on a Grand Prix racer!

They started it Mr. President, you finish it …indict the Bastard! You won’t find a stronger defense!!! The case of “impeachment” will “DISAPPEAR” when Biden and his son are indicted!!

I read the President’s transcript of his conversation that Schiff believes is a confession. The difference between me and Schiff is this…I know what a “confession to a crime” looks like and sounds like, I’ve taken MANY and endured the rigors of cross examination at trial, and an appeal before the 2nd Circuit (we won).  Schiff never took a confession from anybody, nor ever testified to taking a confession (my guess) …so that’s probably why he doesn’t know what he’s talking about as usual!

President Trump did not confess to anything…morons, I swear!

The President would be well within the law IF he did do a Quid Pro Quo with the new Ukraine President, as long as it was for the “official  investigation of Biden” and NOT for a personal benefit. Our government “buys” cooperation from other governments ALL THE TIME…for official purposes…like President Trump could have done!

Schiff…how in the world do you plan to overcome the President’s Article 2 Authority.  Do you think it will be as good as you did on the Comey firing…that was Article 2 as well and NOT obstruction, like you said?

If the President of the United States didn’t look into Biden’s confession to Hobbs Act – Extortion,  who should have? The AG cannot nor can any other official without the President’s approval, as they would be representing the US to a foreign entity in an official capacity. That power belongs solely to the President! If he didn’t do it…the left would have gone after him for criminal negligence and guess what…they would have been correct, for a change!

Also, there is the issue of Due Process. Isn’t the President allowed “Due Process” like the Constitution states?

Let’s ask Hillary…when and during the Nixon impeachment, the due process issue came up regarding President Nixon being entitled to a lawyer during the proceedings. A search for precedent was on …and found by Hillary …in the library. She took the documents from the library, believing it was the only copy and hid them in her desk because it showed Nixon was entitled to due process? When her Democrat boss found out, he disgraced her and fired her for stealing, and unethical behavior!

So, in my opinion, the President is entitled to Due Process, even in a political accusation, like Impeachment. Think of it this way…there must be a crime of impeachable proportions that was committed by the President…or do they believe he doesn’t need a lawyer yet, because they haven’t found/created the crime…yet?!

What’s the crime Schiff…Title and Section of USC?


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