On March 9th I wrote…


I don’t know how much criminal law Jerry Nadler, Adam Shiffty or Swallow “practiced” before becoming Congressmen, but it wasn’t enough!  I can tell you this for sure, from investigating many criminal cases, several involving Title 3 which led to trials; any wiretaps we obtained in “my” FBI…the DOJ, FBI and ALL those involved from the USA’s Office, DOJ HQ, FBI HQ, FBI Field and all the Agents who were involved were extremely careful to document, confirm and verify any and all information that was used as Probable Cause (PC) to obtain the wire, especially the first wire,  because it almost ALWAYS led to more, often bigger and better things. We ALL knew the importance of that initial wire PC, because if that wire were Suppressed, EVERY single case that came from that wire would be Fruit from the Poison Tree and dismissed as well. We also knew what the Civil Penalties are for violating a Citizens Civil Rights as Yates, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, Baker, and others will probably soon find out…are triple and no Government Agency, Bureau nor Municipality can pay “punitive” damages for an employee, State or Federal!!!

A rookie FBI Agent or law school graduate… knows that the first Carter Page warrant will never make it through a Suppression Hearing, and the evidence from there would be thrown out …and all those who signed and swore to its truthfulness …committed felonies!!

That wire is the basis for the ALL the alleged Trump/Russia, Special Counsel Investigations, Collusion Investigations and probably all the resulting “convictions” for “process” crimes. Had ANY of those lawyers fought the charges that the Democraps are so proud of after multi-millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, their clients would not have been convicted of anything, my opinion! They would have been thrown out of court. However, Mueller intentionally drained their pocket books so that they couldn’t fight anymore! Some justice system …had the defendants fought and not taken a plea, had they had the money, none would have been convicted because every case has its foundation in that Carter Page wire!!! Regarding Manafort, like the Judge said, his conviction had nothing to do with Mueller/Trump. However, if his “criminal activity” were discovered as a result of an overhear on Page’s wire or a resulting wire, his case would have been dismissed. If his attorney was smart enough to determine what initiated the Manafort investigation, and attacked it in a Suppression Hearing, the whole case would have been thrown out!” If I were Roger Stone, or any of the subjects who plead guilty to process crimes, I would move to determine what precipitated/initiated the opening of the FBI case. If those matters had anything to do with the FISA wire…move to Suppress everything and, when it’s dismissed”, move for a mistrial/dismissal of all charges and the conviction to be set aside!

Don’t forget that Strzok “opened” the Counter-intel case that lead to everything, and admitted he “created”  or some such verbiage the case from the phony Dossier…I rest my case…!

As far as Senator Nadler continuing to shoot off his mouth about not accepting the Mueller report and not accepting the Deputy AG and the AG exoneration of the President … Mr. Nadler you need to go back to Law School and get a refresher on the Constitutional powers of the three branches of Government, The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Due Process as well as Title 18 USC.

You have no power to prosecute anything…maybe you skipped that class. That power belongs to DOJ. You have no power of arrest, search, and seizure. You have no power to issue Grand Jury Subpoena and apparently, your Congressional Subpoenas have no weight as Bryan Pagliano used his subpoena for toilet paper and you did NOTHING.

You cannot perform any of those things that law enforcement does… arrest, search, seizure, GJ indictment, prosecute nor investigate. Simply put Mr. Nadler…who the hell do you think you are, a King….sorry as much as you Socialists would like to Rule …you’re not there yet!

If you have so much concern for Truth, Justice and the American way, why didn’t you do something about all your buddies from the Obama Administration who lied, under oath, to you? Whom…you ask?  Please allow me to name just a few; Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Powers, James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok.

We still have a Constitutional Republic and a Rule of Law! You Socialist Commie-crats are not in charge yet, thank God.

So let me understand what you, Shitty and Swallow plan on doing.  You have no investigators, but you will investigate a person, Donald Trump, which by law, you cannot do. The DOJ has told you that they won’t prosecute, but you are going to somehow prosecute the President of the US with no legal basis in law that allows you to do that.  You are going to impeach the President because Adam Shitty has “direct evidence and indirect evidence” and “in between” evidence that the President committed Collusion and Conspiracy. If that’s true, then Shitty committed a Felony called “misprision of a Felony” by withholding evidence of a crime while he knew an investigation into those crimes was under way!

By the way…if the US has soldiers under fire on foreign soil, and you, Swallow, and Shitty run off at the mouth undermining the President, his authority, or anything that impairs his ability to execute his foreign policy… you are getting pretty close to Sedition, T18S2384USC. Call me if you don’t understand!

I am not aware of any other branch of your Government where you have the power/authority to prosecute Federal crimes or any crimes for that matter. You can no more do anything legal to try to prosecute the President… because the only Branch of Government that can prosecute has told you NO!

Can AG Barr introduce a Bill in Congress to build a wall and fund the wall because he disagrees with the Pelosi House?? !!  No…why not?