A while ago I wrote a column that Mike Huckabee, whom I respect and admire as well as his very talented daughter, took the time to comment. His comment was that he wondered what happened to “Ed Anger, a writer for The Weekly World News”. I had never heard of Ed Anger, figured either he meant Mr. Anger was as good looking as I or he was as bad a writer as I. Turns out Mr. Anger was a very popular conservative writer who added just a “little” satire to his columns.

He was so popular that after he stopped writing, his column was continued over time by four different writers. To give you an idea of his very funny satire…here’s a few of the titles to his OpEd articles, many of which he started with the phrase, “I’m madder than hell…”

Feb 3, 2010 “Ed Anger Says, Gays Are Retarded!”; March 16, 2014 “Ed Anger Says, I Hate The Irish”; Jan 6, 2010 “Ed Anger Says, Obama Seeks She-Male”; Dec 30, 2009, “Ed Anger Says It’s Bush’s Fault!”. The articles are very funny.

Some of the many others are: How to Curse Someone in Four Steps, 9 Ways To Tell If You’re Possessed, Health Care Makes Me Sick and hundreds more.

Mr. Anger also wrote some books; “Let’s Pave The Stupid Rainforests” and “Give The Teachers Stun Guns” and more.

I consider Mr. Huckabee’s comment a compliment and thank him…maybe someday we could jam a little Blues. I play a pretty decent tenor sax!

If Mr. Anger were around, I think he would be outraged and his columns would reflect the outrage regarding how the best President in modern times is being treated by the defeated, lying, dishonest Democraps. Now we learn that someone who ran UNOPPOSED and “won” Keith Ellison’s Congressional seat, has been a Congressman for four months, and is starting impeachment proceedings against our duly elected President — Rashad Tlaib. You know the foul mouthed piece of crap that MF’d the President…yep that’s her.

I want to know how someone who doesn’t believe in the separation of Church and State (that’s the 1st Amendment to the Constitution) can “honestly” take the Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution which is diametrically opposed to her Book of Faith, the Koran!

The ACLU should file suit against Tlaib for lying on her Oath of Office. It’s either the Constitution or the Koran, it cannot be both! The only way it can be both is if she is following Surah (9.3) of the Koran, “Allah and his messenger announce that it is acceptable to go back on our promises (treaties) and obligations with Pagans and make war on them whenever we find ourselves strong enough to do so. In other words, it’s ok to lie as long as it furthers Islam!

On March 3rd, The Right Side wrote and predicted that, “The arrogant, ignorant, uneducated Cortez doesn’t know or understand anything about finance, our Constitution, or HER freaking job! She is in way over her head. Her constituents will suffer gravely because of the loss to her Congressional District (the Amazon deal)!  But that is only part of the consequence…she has just gotten started. I predict she will not only screw more things up, but she will get herself and those other new Congresswomen who are as smart as her…in trouble as well…mark my words.

Just a few days later it was announced that Cortez and her boyfriend campaign manager may spend their wedding night in jail for stealing almost one million dollars from a PAC donation by transferring the money to “private” accounts. That’s called “money laundering” folks, not just Campaign Fund Irregularity!!! Were those transfers, over time, to several different personal accounts, all accidents, unintentional…yeah and chickens have lips?!

Boy…I just hate it when I’m so “Right”…get it?

Mr. President there is Probable Cause (PC) for you to direct the AG to open Criminal Cases against Rashad Tlaib and Ilhan Omar for lying under Oath when they took their Oaths of Office. Their racist remarks against Jews are further PC to believe that both are true to their faith, Islam, and NOT the Constitution. The Koran is crystal clear regarding the hatred Muslims exhibit towards Jews and their Book of Faith and calls for the murder of all Jews. There is no place in Congress for either of these two “pagans”.

Also Congresswoman Cortez apparently took part in a money laundering scheme with PAC donations, transferring almost one million dollars of campaign funds for a congressional election to personal accounts. That’s not simple campaign fraud, that’s wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering. Those funds were wire transferred! Mr. President, do not stand for these abuses. You are the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US. Go after these and the other law breakers.  It’s the best way to defend the Presidency!  Fight back…you have the power of arrest…Congress does not…subpoena the bastards!