Michael Cohen recently testified, under oath, to a “witch hunt” Democrat house committee led by a racist Elijah Cummings (my opinion, based upon the fact that he is member of a Blacks ONLY Caucus in Congress), “against” a person Cohen described as his client for about eight years, and when the client became President, as again, his personal attorney. That of course is President Trump! In all my years as an FBI Agent, the only time I recall an attorney testifying against a client is when the attorney I arrested accepted payment with dye pack, bank proceeds that we found in his desk after we executed a search warrant of his office. That law school wizard became a subject of the same case and testified against his client as the one who paid him the proceeds.

According to, “Generally, the attorney-client privilege applies when:

an actual or potential client communicates with a lawyer regarding legal advice,

the lawyer is acting in a professional capacity (rather than, for example, as a friend), and

the client intended the communications to be private and acted accordingly”.

Lawyers may not reveal oral or written communications with clients that clients reasonably expect to remain private. A lawyer who has received a client’s confidences cannot repeat them to anyone outside the legal team without the client’s consent. In that sense, the privilege is the client’s, not the lawyer’s. The client can decide to forfeit (or waive) the privilege, but the lawyer cannot.

The privilege generally stays in effect even after the attorney-client relationship ends, and even after the client dies. In other words, the lawyer can never divulge the client’s secrets without the client’s permission, unless some kind of exception applies.

How is it then, that Cohen was even allowed to testify about conversations he had with a client, without any releases by the client/President nor any evidence, other than lame supposition, beliefs and guesses that the President/client broke any laws?

Exactly what the hell kind of ethics do these Congressmen lawyers, live by? Did they all cheat through law school, like Hillary, Swallow and Shiffty?

The “committee”…composed of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was fired from the DNC for a multitude of crimes yet to be charged, and who was DNC Chair when Hillary bought the DNC and hid the fact. Next is AOC who has the IQ of a struggling 6th grader, and Rashida Tlaib, a Muslim, who hates Christians and Jews, doesn’t believe in the separation of Church and State and MF’s my duly elected President.  Some freaking “oversight committee”, all led by a racist from a “Blacks Only” caucus! Wow…great work, guys! I guess nobody told you what Hillary did while Secretary of State.

For the uninformed (like Shiffty and Swallow), the checks that those of you wet your pants over… prove nothing …other than somebody put what appears to be Donald Trump’s signature on a check . It could be Trump or maybe a dishonest attorney, if Mr. Trump was unlucky enough to have a dishonest attorney… by golly he did! I also knew an attorney who forged client’s names to checks, oddly enough about $300,000 …that must be pretty common…what do you think? Elijah Cummins says he represented a “lot” of lawyers…WOW! Maybe we need a law prohibiting lawyers from being elected to public office!

There is no evidence as to who really signed the checks nor, most importantly, any evidence of what the money was for! It may have been for a monthly retainer (after all, Cohen said he was Trump’s lawyer for 10 years and must have paid him “even if it was horrible advice”) or possibly an advance or payment for some deal or a gift for a deadbeat attorney who was on the brink of disaster, all the time, because of his either ineptness or dishonesty…who knows? Would that person who witnessed the transaction and knows from direct, personal knowledge that the check in question was paid to somebody specifically for a NDA agreement to keep quiet about consensual sex between D J Trump and that specific person. That Mr. Shiffty is what you need to prove what you are alleging…however …you also need to pass a law, retroactively, to make that transaction something it’s NOT…and that is, illegal!

Here’s another thing the American people need to know…Bernie Sanders IS a full blown Socialist/Communist who makes Communism look like free enterprise. Take a look at his formative years that he probably wishes he could erase but fortunately, can’t. He spent a great deal of time living in Communist Russia…how many years have any of you spent in Russia? He leads a group he calls “progressive” which really stands for “regressive”. They…all of them; want to do away with America as a free Nation and make us a Socialist, Communist, Islamic/Socialist, Socialist/ Democrap,  Democrap/Socialist/left wing, red commie pinko Nation…take your pick. NONE and I mean NONE of them will tell you the truth about what they want to do…just like Obama…MAKE AMERICA “UN-GREAT” and Socialist!

There’s two things …make that 3 things, you need to remember…

First-There is no such thing as FREE…somebody has to pay for it.

Second-Anytime, and I mean anytime, someone offers you free stuff from THEIR form of Government or “from changes they want”…that change or new form of Government is SOCIALISM…with NO PRIVATE OWNERSHIP, and it never has worked! Name one Socialist Nation where you want your kids to grow up …now!

Third-The next time you hear ANYBODY tell you Global Warming is going to stop the earth from spinning in 12 years…or, like Al Gore said, “Global warming will melt the polar ice cap and all glaciers by 2015“ (he really said that). Or , “We must stop all CO2 and fossil fuel use or we will die….remember these words from the Right Side, “IF WE STOP FOSSIL FUEL USE AND CO2, WE “WILL” ALL DIE” and not  because we have no electrify but because we have NO OXYGEN! There is not one shred of scientific evidence to substantiate “global warming” or cooling.  However, there is an abundance of evidence that there continues to be CLIMATE CHANGE AND HAS BEEN FOR 5 BILLION Years! AND…here’s the important part…there isn’t a damn thing “man” can do about climate change!

So when people promise you something that doesn’t sound possible…it isn’t, and they are probably a Democrap looking for a vote and a no-show job!

When people tell you irrational things like “we must stop using fossil fuels or fossil fuel is going to kill us”, ask them where‘s the data that supports that insane idea? If they say “the UN IPCC”, just laugh and walk away, listen no more!

WITHOUT fossil fuel, we will certainly die!!!

Start teaching photosynthesis in schools again instead of, “How to choose your gender”! Teachers…of what?