I believe that I can safely say that most of the American people want “Justice For All”, as most have seen how our justice system works through experience, TV, the News, etc. and although we have found it to be imperfect, most have found it to be the best in the world. Does anybody want to go to trial in Mexico, China, Russia, Venezuela, England, maybe North Korea, or how about South Korea…Iran or Saudi Arabia, for any crime? Get the idea?

What really pisses most people off though is when somebody like the Clintons or Hollywood elites get off when Middle America and even higher pay grade but lesser status is charged, jammed up, and treated like Al Cappone. When that happens, everyone knows there are ulterior motives like political or some other motives by those “currently” in power. That’s why our genius founding fathers created a Bill of Rights, Constitution, separation of Church and State and MOST importantly, Equal Rights for all…to prevent a takeover, either peaceful or violent, and destruction of our Constitutional Republic and our Rule of Law and to insure there is Justice for ALL!

Mr. President, Hillary Clinton and her staff, simply put, MUST BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! That’s a start…then move on to the entire Obama Administration, like the heads of CIA, NSA, Treasury, IRS, Susan Rice, Powers , et al. and then Obama himself…there’s much more to Benghazi than we have been told!

Every single case on Hillary, that Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe and Comey touched must be reopened, if not already, and be presented to a Federal Grand Jury. It was/is not the decision of the past AG, Jeff Session, to decide whether somebody in the 2nd most powerful job in the world, Secretary of the US Department of State, should be prosecuted, when the Probable Cause is overwhelming and attempts to obstruct the investigations by high ranking law enforcement personnel is alleged to have taken place. It the sole responsibility, by Federal Law, of the Federal Grand Jury and no others! AND when it appears that there has been a miscarriage of justice either for or against anyone, the President has the sole and exclusive responsibility to intervene, review the facts, and correct what he believes is a miscarriage, either as a Pardon or a reexamination of the facts.

Just because the FBI erred, either intentionally or accidentally, does not mean a case cannot be prosecuted. When people are allegedly granted immunity without following protocol and the Federal Rules, without Grand Jury testimony or if they lie or have lied, all bets are off! For example if Jon Doe said he didn’t drive the getaway car and we find his prints on the steering wheel…or if a Hillary staffer testified she has no knowledge of an email and we can prove she does, by other evidence, all bets are off. That’s why Grand Jury Testimony is important…but not too late to obtain.

Any immunity should have only applied to very specific crimes, specific testimony and not apply to everything they ever did in their entire lives. That said, if Podesta, Mills, Abbedine, et al. were granted immunity for violating laws pertaining to transmitting classified material, they can still be prosecuted for Conspiracy-Treason in the Benghazi Case, destroying government property, Fraud by Wire, Hobbs Act-Political Corruption in a pay to play scheme, lying to Federal Agents, and many more crimes. There is no statute of limitations for Treason!

If the State Department supplied munitions to the wrong rebels in Libya, either by accident or intentionally, because there was a State Dept ban on sales of munitions to Libya, that’s Treason. There is plenty of reason to believe that weapons were sold to Libyan Rebels that were used in the attack, from multiple sources, and it must be up to a Grand Jury to sort out and decide who should pay because I know of 4 who paid dearly for a State Dept screw up. The BOSS having been none other than a very incompetent and corrupt person must have her day in court!

If you doubt what I say, please explain what possible legit reason Obama and Clinton could have to NOT EVEN TRY TO SEND HELP (i.e. F16s in the air, supersonic) to Americans under attack with an American embassy burning?! There is NO excuse! F-16s were a few hours away! The fact that nobody from the MSM asked or sought a legit reason is unforgivable…WHY? All the excuses we heard were obviously not adequate. There is NO LEGIT REASON for not trying to send help!

In my opinion, inept, criminal or legit are the only reasons possible for the “WHY”… Inept is not allowed…secret, “we can’t tell you” is Bull Shit and criminal is the most logical and probable…they did not want the scene searched for munitions and didn’t want Stevens to talk, that’s what I believe! The fact that the FBI evidence team was delayed for 3 weeks, I believe, was to allow CIA, NSA to scrub the scene. The FBI Evidence team would have ID’d the source of the munitions…no doubt about it!

Mr. President, we have some serious investigations that need to be reopened, seriously this time, with a “no holds barred and no secrets withheld”, by CIA or NSA from the FBI Investigators, this time (by Presidential orders). Clapper and Brennan are gone, so the truth should come out this time around. Put me in charge, with my pick of Investigators and Prosecutors, and we will get to the Truth!!