ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) is a “collateral” effect of Nuclear bomb detonation that was accidentally found by everyone who detonated a Nuclear device! A nuclear bomb detonated in the atmosphere was found to destroy anything electrical within its “range”.

Russia conducted 5 tests of atmospheric detonation (180 miles above the Earth); 2 at 1.2 Kilotons October 1961 and then 3 at 300 Kilotons in Oct/Nov 1962. The “accidental” results of the test on 10-22-62 were devastating! The EMP destroyed hundreds of miles of wires, destroyed the devices set to measure the results and destroyed the entire Karaganda power plant, ALL by EMP! Oops!

Since then, according to many sources, most recently in a article 1-13-17 by Peter Huessy for Gatestone Institute, “contrary to some “expert” analysis, both the recent North Korean nuclear and the Iranian ballistic missile tests are deadly serious threats to the United States”. I believe he is accurate. Here is what I believe we know and I had previously confirmed by many available government sources over the past several years, they are no secret!

The United States’ power grid is not protected, in any way, from an EMP attack! I believe a few “experts” may have told some VERY ignorant leaders that although an EMP attack would be devastating to an “area”, and the US is vulnerable, it would take a lot to cause crippling damage, and billions and billions to prevent! How dumb would a leader have to be to not understand a threat on their own? Consider this…Carter’s advisors convinced him, in 1979, that the Shaw of Iran was bad and should be removed and replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini, they said is a humanitarian who was exiled in Egypt. How did that work out? That’s the best example I can think…oops…forgive me, here’s another… “Just sign it, we’ll find out later what it says”(really a quote)…wait, I had a brain fart…just give Iran the 170 billion, they’ll honor their word ( not really a quote, but you get the idea).

Our Country has advanced to a technologic point that we are 101% dependent upon electric technology. Heck some …most of our planes (civilian and Military) can’t fly without electricity and computers! Good or bad? Good, if we can protect it , bad if we can’t! We can’t!

Most of our Naval ships are EMP proof but NOT our planes. None of our power plants/grid are protected. There are transformers on our grid that, under ideal conditions, take at least 2 years to build, are NOT built inside the US and a loss of a very few will shut down the entire grid!

Power experts tried to get Obama to build backups to these critical transformers and he refused!

Russia and N Korea have many old, lets say, tube type equipment. Many of Russia’s bombers still use antique technology that IS EMP proof because they didn’t have the money to “update” to circuit boards, computers and cellular technology! Maybe that’s not so bad for them?

Here’s what I believe is the biggest threat to our Nation RIGHT NOW!!!

Russia has had the capability to launch the most devastating EMP device in the world, from a commercial tanker 100 miles off our coast, where 1(one) would kill our entire East coast grid and we probably can’t react fast enough to stop it! 1(one) EMP device on each coast and 1(one) in the center, three total, would kill over 90% of our entire ability to make electric power, for years! Here’s the scariest part of this weapon. Russian has had the ability to do this for years. Could Iran have bought one from Russia with their Obama gift of 170 billion? Naw…they wouldn’t do that…would they? China has it, right now, as well, both the bomb and the launch ability! North Korea has a 1-10 Kiloton EMP weapon, right now and has tested it at least 3 times and is very close to a launch capability. Iran is closer than we think and could even have the weapon!

WHAT DO WE DO? I believe I have a very good solution to several of our problems!

By Executive Proclamation or EO declare an Energy, Economic, and Security Emergency and order all 50 states to participate in a Power To Prosperity and Security (POPS) program (call it what you want)!

Utilizing “interest bearing stimulus loans” to each State, direct a new EMP protected (as best we can) , power plant be built, in each state, utilizing made in America materials and US Citizens. Put all environmental issues on a fast tract and direct the States to project manage the entire projects with Federal oversight! If Republic Steel says they must build new plants as well as LaFarge Concrete and so forth; loan them the funds, the same way. They must use US citizens and Made in America materials. When the plants are built, the States MUST sell to private utility companies and repay the loans!

Then do the same with our power grid! The TOTAL cost would be LESS than Obama’s stimulus and what do we have to show. I figure less than 500 billion to build all 50 power plants utilizing all our Natural Resources, including Nuclear and probably the same for the EMP improved grid!

In case you’re interested, I’ve written about this several times in the Niagara Falls Reporter, starting around 2014! Someone please tell President Trump, Obama couldn’t understand the concept!